Interrogatories: 1699
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Survey Report 10749:
Public Record Office:  Chancery Interrogatories

Interrogatories on behalf of Henry Bradshaw.  Entered November 9, 1699.>
Sale of the Afican Galley in June 1698.  The Charter Party for a voyage [to Virginia] made in September.  Gibert Sheldon c. Gilber Dolben, Roger Sheldon et. al.

Interrogatories on behalf of Gilbert Doben. Entered July 1, 1699.
Dispute over the estate of Gilbert Sheldon.  Details of his will which included provisions in the event of either or both of his daughters marrying without the consent of their aunt Katherine Dolben.  Money, land and property bequeathed to his nephew, Gilbert Dolben.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA