Thomas Starke Complaint: 6/20/1700
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Survey Report 10578:
Public Record Office:  Chancery Records. Bills and Answers.  Reynardson’s Division

Complaint of Thomas Starke:  June 20, 1700.
In September 1698 he entered into a Charter Party with Henry Bradshaw, master of the St Vincent and African Galley, for a voyage to Guinea and Virginia and Maryland or Jamaica.  Details of the Charter Party.  Bradshaw was very slow in fitting out the vessel and contrary to the agreement put goods on board which were for the account of others.  Called in at St Thomas’ which delayed his arrival in Virginia until July 1699.  Stayed in Virginia when he should have gone directly to Maryland to deliver his Guinea cargo.  May of the Negroes died as a result of the delays and much of the cargo was carried off the ship by the crew and sold for their own benefit.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA