Thomas Starke Complaint: 5/15/1701
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Survey Report 10618:
Public Record Office:  Chancery Bills and Answers.  Whittington’s Division

Bill of Complaint of Thomas Starke:  May 15, 1701.
Defendants were all part owners of the African Galley, Henry Bradshaw, master, in July and August 1698, which they freighted to Starke for a voyage to Guinea and Virginia.  They also agreed to sell him 4/16 of the ship ready fitted and cleared at Gravesend for £375.  The arrangements for fitting her out and other details were to be organized by Starke, but they were to repay him for all the money he disbursed.  Voyage was long and difficult and full of delays, which he maintains was the fault of the defendants.  Details of the high cost of the trip.  On the return the ship was arrested by order of the sailors for the non-payment of wages.  He agreed to pay the owners their proportion of the value of the sale of the ship, and any surplus over the cost of the voyage would be put towards a second trip.  But they refused to do this, or pay what was owing to Starke for the cost of fitting the ship, and they also refuse to let him see the agreement which he made with them.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA