Answers: 1701
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Survey Report 10538:
Public Record Office: Chancery Records.  Bills and Answers.  Reynardson’s Division

Answers of Henry Bradshaw, master of the African Galley:  May 16, 1701
Details of the agreement with Starke and the amounts he disbursed on the vessel.  Bradshaw disposed of the Negroes for Starke in Virginia and Maryland.  Believes several of the owners refused to pay their share to Starke or to be concerned in a second voyage.  Defendant borrowed money form the other owners of the ship.

Answers of Richard Salter: July 11, 1701
In September 1698 he purchased part of the ship from Henry Bradshaw.  He recently transferred his share to Starke and now relinquishes any interest in the ship.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA