Complaint of Edmund Thorne
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Survey Report 10455:
Public Record Office: Chancery Proceedings before 1714. Collins Division.

Bill of Complaint of Edmund Thorne:  July 4, 1704

Part owner together with Thomas Starke of the African Galley, Henry Bradshaw master, which in 1698 was fitted out for voyage to Guinea and Virginia.  In September 1699 the ship arrived back in London after a highly profitable voyage.  Starke, as husband, owes Thorne for his share of the profits.  Starke maintains that the cost of the voyage was very great and so was the cost of a court case brought in relation to the voyage.  Starke alleges that Thorne has not paid his share and sends him false accounts, trying to deceive Thorne who cannot read or write.

Answers of Thomas Starke: July 31, 1704

In July 13, 1703 a settlement was made between Starke and Thorne relating to the voyage of the African Galley.  Thorne promised to pay the money he owed but eventually Starke caused him to be arrested for payment and only then did he raise objections to the accounts.  Details of the other part owners and the case he brought against them for non-payment of their share of the cost of fitting out the ship.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA