John Millison Complaint: 4/27/1704
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Survey Report 12620:
Public Record Office:  Chancery Bills and Answers.  Mitford’s Division

Bill of Complaint of John Millison:  April 27, 1704
Defendants and plaintiff were owners of the African Galley in 1698.  Starke wish to freight the ship for a voyage to Guinea and Virginia.  The owners agreed that the master and part owner, Henry Bradshaw, should enter into a Charter Party with Starke.  After the successful voyage, Starke now owes the owners over £850 for freight including the plaintiff’s share of 3/32nd parts of the ship.  Starke has also refused to pay £300 to Robert Pulling for fitting out the ship and Pulling has brought an action against Bradshaw for the money.  The plaintiff, Starke and the others took out a recognizance for Bradshaw to answer the Bill of Complaint of Pulling.  Bradshaw died and when judgment was made they were responsible to Pulling for the money.  The plaintiff maintains that he has been forced to pay too great a share of the sum.  He refused to become involved with Starke in a second voyage and has offered his share in the ship to Starke.  In May 1701 Starke agreed to the purchase price and an agreement was drawn up but he has refused to pay saying that the sum should be brought into the general account between the two men and that Millison was in debt to him.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA