Thomas Starke Complaint: 6/26/1704
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Survey Report 10536: Public Record Office:  Chancery Records. Bills and Answers.  Reynardson’s Division

Bill of Complaint of Thomas Starke:  June 26, 1704
In 1701 he exhibited a bill of complaint against Joseph Todd and others in which he stated that in July-August 1698 Todd had an interest in the African Galley, Henry Bradshaw master, and agreed to freight the ship to Starke for a voyage to Virginia and Guinea.  Gives details of the Charter Party.  There were delays in setting out the ship due to negligence of the owners which cost Starke heavily in wages, provisions, etc.  The master sold some of Starke’s Negroes in Virginia and kept the proceeds for himself and the owners made money by carrying the goods of other merchants from the colony.  On the return, the ship was arrested for payment of wages.  The owners refused to pay Starke their share of the money he had disbursed on the ship.  Mary, Lady Warrington, and Dorothy Herbert were daughters of John Oldbury, one of the owners of the ship, now deceased.  Therefore, Starke is suing them and their husbands for the money due to him for the voyage.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA