Henry & Rose Bradshaw - 1693
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Survey Report 04783:
Principal Probate Registry: Will of Thomas Baker

Will of Thomas Baker, mariner, formerly of Aaron, Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, now of London, master or commander of the ship Elizabeth of London, now in Plymouth but bound to Newfoundland and elsewhere.

Names as attorneys his brother-in-law John Bennett, mariner of London,  and his wife, testatorís sister Mary, who are caring for testatorís children Thomas and Mary.
His lands at Grannar, Dorset, and elsewhere to his son, or failing him to his sister; also £10.
The rest of his estate to his son and daughter in equal shares, names them joint executors, with John and Mary Bennett as overseers.
One guinea apiece to the Bennetts for rings.
To his sisters Anne and Margaret Baker £5 apiece.
To his sisters Joane Baker, spinster, and Edit Farrell, widow, 20s. apiece for rings.
Signed at Plymouth 16 May 1693.  Witness Henry Bradshaw, Rose Bradshaw, Samuel Eastlake, Not. Pub.
Probate London 19 August 1698 to Mary Bennett alias Baker, with reservation respect of John Bennett.  P.A.B. apparently connects testator with Virginia; presumably he died there.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA