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Survey Report 10555:
Public Record Office: Index to Chancery Proceedings.  Reynardson’s Division L-Z p. 154

Answers of John Millison and John Whote to the Bill of Complaint of Thomas Starke  April 30, 1703 
Complainants were owners of the African Galley, Henry Bradshaw master. In 1698 the defendant purchase one sixteenth of the ship from John Westdale thus increasing his share to three sixteenths.  Complainants took freight of the ship for a voyage to Guinea and Virginia.  In 1702 Millison sold his share to the complainants and was given a promissory note but he has never received the cash.  Believes he has paid his share of fitting out the ship for the voyage, etc.  Denies any knowledge of the money disbursed by the master on the voyage.


Survey Report 10538:
Public Record Office: Chancery Records.  Bills and Answers.  Reynardson’s Division

Answers of Joseph Todd to a bill of complainte of Thomas Starke:  June 24, 1703
Owner of 1/16 part of the African Galley, ¼ of which was sold to Thomas Starke and a charter party drawn up for a voyage by which Starke was made responsible for the cost of fitting her out for a voyage.  Then the owners would each pay him their share.  All were prepared to do this except Pullem who made trouble.

Answers of Edmond Thorne: June 15, 1703
Part owner of the African Galley.  Repeats the above evidence concerning the arrangements for the voyage.  He has paid his share to Starke.

Answers of John Watson: June 2, 1703
Part owner of the ship. Details of the agreement with Starke.  Has paid his share of expenses.  Knows little of the details of the legal case between Starke and Pullen since he was at sea for most of the time.  Also paid his share of the loss incurred on the voyage to Guinea and Virginia.  Has sold his share to Starke.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA