Mr. Bradshaw - 1618
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Survey Report 07817:
Kent County Archives Office: Tufton Papers

1613-1621. “A Copie of Severall writings concerning a plantation in Virginia of S Nicholas Tufton…1618.”  10 pp. A copybook containing many of the items given on loose sheets in this collection.  Includes assignments of adventures to Tufton by Thomas, Earl of Essex and Anthony Irbe; receipts for Tufton’s own adventures; and a summary of all payments – totaling £494.  There is a note that Captaine Epps looked after Tufton’s plantation for several years.  Epps’ wife accompanied him, and after his death married one Mr. Bradshaw.  His sister, Mrs. Harthway, was with her in Virginia.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA