Richard Bradshaw: 1693
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Survey Report 04793Principal Probate Registry: Will of Edward Porteus

Will of Edward Porteus

To the poor of Petsoe parish, where he now lives, £8.
To Mary Cox and her children the debt her deceased husband owed him, and £4 to clothe the children.
To George Major, Sr., £5.
To James Murr two cows, and to his sister Rachell two cows and £4.
To the poor of Newbottle parish, Scotland (where his fatherís estate is), £8 to be remitted to his friend Mr. James Fowlis, merchant in London, and sent to testatorís sisters for distribution.
To William Allen one cow.
To John Gardner and his wife one cow.
To Nathaniel Mills, formerly his servant, a cow and a calf.
To Mr. Thomas Buckner and his wife £10.
To Mr. David Alexander and his wife £10.
To his sister Mary (wife of Mr. Thomas Lawry) £20.
To his sister Isobell £25.
To his sister Elizabeth £20.
To his sister Christian £25.
To his wife his horse Jack with her saddle and furniture; also her clothing and his largest silver tankard and caudle cup, a featherbed and furniture, the time his English servant maid Betty has to serve, and his Negro girl Cumbo.
His personal estate not to be appraised or valued, but his wife to have a third of it in kind for her dower, the rest going to his son Robert, whom he names as executor.
Asks his friend Capt. John Smith of Purton to act as executor during Robertís minority, leaves him £9 and his wife 20s. for a ring; testatorís wife may be executor if unmarried.
Negroes and servants to be kept on his plantations, also the stock, and produce sent yearly to England.
He had received £20 from Alderman Jeffreys, and wants £16 of it sent to his four sisters, through either James Fowlis or Jeffery Jefferys, Esq., to whom he leaves 20s. for a ring.

Asks an accounting from his brother-in-law Thomas Lawry of management of his fatherís estate in Newbotle in Scotland.  Value of this estate some £60 yearly he wants for his son Robert; the estate has ben in their name for many generations.

Signed 23 February 1693/4. Witness Sarah Buckner, Richard Bradshaw (his mark).

Admon. 24 October 1700 to Jeffrey Jeffreys of the parish of St. Andrews Undershaft, London for estate of Edwards Porteus, late of Gloucester County, Virginia, deceased, so far as concerns money owed by James Fowlis, merchant, of London, to deceased; during absence of Margaret Porteus, now in Virginia; the other executor John Smith is dead.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA