Thomas Bradshaw: Auditor Genl
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Survey Report 04277:
Public Record Office: Patent Roll, 10 George III, part 3.

Thomas Bradshaw, Esq.  Annuity. 24.

Thomas Bradshaw is to receive 1500 per annum, to be paid quarterly during his natural life, or until he takes up office as Surveyor and Auditor General of American revenues.  His annuity is to be paid out of revenue from a custom of 4 % taken at Barbadoes and Leward Islands.  Instructions are given for the payment of the annuity under various special circumstances.

Westminster. 29 January 1770

By writt of Privy Seal.

Thos. Bradshaw, Esq.  Auditor General of the Plantations.

In reversion for live 23.

Letters Patent of 20 November 25 George II [see Report 4483] granting to Robert Cholmondley Esq. The office of Surveyor and Auditor General of American revenues are described.  The same office is now granted to Thomas Bradshaw Esquire, with full powers and profits of office immediately on the death or surrender of office by Robert Cholmondley.  He is to hold office during his natural life and that of his son Robert Haldane Bradshaw; he is to receive a salary paid quarterly of 500 derived from American revenues; 100 of this to come from Virginia.  He is to obey instructions from the Treasury and to present to them from time to time a statement of account, together with any suggestions for improvements.  The extent and limit of his jurisdiction is described.

Westminster, 29 January 1770.

By writt of Privy Seal.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA