William Bradshaw: 1637-38
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Survey Report 04005:
Public Record Office:  High Court of Admiralty.  Instance and Prize Court:  Examinations.  March 1637/8 – April 1639

The next relates to the suit “Weston against Saunders”, and involves the ship the Flower de Luce, of which Hugh Weston was master.  This vessel, together with the Bonny Bess of London, was sent on a voyage to Virginia by Joseph Saunders, a London merchant.  The Bonny Bess was driven aground at Long Island, Virginia by rough weather, and two great boat loads of goods weighing five tons apiece, were taken out of her to be carried ashore, but both were lost in the attempt.  Freight on board the ships was valued at £2,400, to Saunders’ account.  Whilst the two ships were at Virginia, it was rumoured that Weston had received instructions from Saunders to dispose of the Bonny Bess:  Weston offered to sell it to Leonard Calvert, the Governor of Maryland, but, in fact, eventually sold it to Richard Orchard who had arrived in Virginia a month after the ship had been driven aground.  Suits were commenced in the Quarter Court at James Town by planters and relatives of merchants who had died on board, for restitution of goods seized by Weston on the outward voyage.

Witnesses’ depositions are to be found on the following folios:-

f.72vo 9 May 1638: Robert Page of London
f.73ro Same day. William Barker
ff.81vo-82ro.  3 May 1638.  William Bradshaw of London, a cooper, aged 40.
ff.83ro-83vo.  3 May 1638.  Thomas Ashton of Stoneton Hall, Essex, Yeoman, aged 28.
ff.303vo-304ro.  24 October 1638:  Abraham Orten of London.
ff.304vo-305ro. 27 October 1638.  Francis Lathbury of Poultry, London, a merchant, aged 26.
With this suit can be coupled that of “Orchard versus Saunders”, since they both relate to the same incident.  Depositions for this suit are to be found on the following folios:-
ff.137vo-138ro.  31 May 1638.  William Crop of Devon, a sailor aged 48.
ff.155vo-156ro.  18 July 1638.  Richard Orchard of Surrey, aged 40.
ff.162vo-163ro.  13 June 1638.  Francis Lathbury of Poultry, London, a merchant, aged 25.
ff.163ro, vo.  14 June 1638.  James Best, servant to Michael Homan of St Bridget’s.
ff.180vo-181ro.  30 June 1638.  Abraham Giles of Devon, aged 19.
ff.187ro-vo.  21 July 1638.  William Sherman Cook, of Barking.
ff.260vo-261ro.  30 October 1638.  William King of Redriffe, sailor aged 29.


Survey Report 08632:
Public Record Office:  High Court of Admiralty Answers: 1637-1638

August 3, 1637

Answer of Thomas Leddoze (4p) See H.C.A. 13/111
746 hogsheads of tobacco were laden at Virginia on the Flower de Luce (248 tons) for some of which Saunders and Smith the freighters were to receive £6 per ton and some at £5 for freight.  Ship also carried 140 tons of ballast and 20 tons of victuals which total freight was more than she could carry, along with 60 passengers.  Carpenters looked over the ship in London and pronounced her strong.  See 111 – 116

August 4, 1637 (3p)

Answer of George Minifie and Peter Andrews
Gilbert Blight was an inhabitant of Virginia.  After his death, Minifie took over a book of accounts and other writings which he is now prepared to hand over.

August 9, 1637

Answer of Thomas Mace, Henry Headlye, William Bradshawe, Nicholas Reade and Robert Warren (2p)
Goods laden on the Flower de Luce and not owned by Saunders amounted to £1000


Survey Report 05862:  Public Record Office:  High Court of Admiralty.  Instance and Prize Courts:  Examiniations.  1637-1638

Mace v Saunders

ff.314vo, 315ro, vo, 316ro, vo, 317ro, vo.  8 Aug. 1637.  William Bradshaw of St Katherine’s.
ff.331vo,332ro.  7 Sept. 1637.  William Bradshaw

Simon Hake v Joseph Saunders and the Flower de Luce

ff.536ro,vo.  2 Mar. 1637/8.  William Bradshaw, Cooper.


Source:  Virginia Colonial Records Project, Library of Virginia, Richmond, VA