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The Holy Bible

Translated out of the original tongues,
Stereotyped for the American Bible Society, by D. and G. Bruce,
D. Fanshaw, Printer, N.Y. 1827.

     (belonged to Berry Bratcher, now in the possession of W. Dart Bratcher, Cub Run, Hart Co., Ky.  Copied by Janet Cruse Burger, April 1968).

Sarah C. Bratcher was borned June 25, 1858
Liddie A. Bratcher born January 3, 1871
Sarah Ellen Bratcher
James W. Bratcher was born Oct. 15, 1853
Elizziebeth A. Trulock was born Mar. 16, 1864
J. W. Bratcher and E. A. Trulock was married June 5th 1887
William D. Bratcher was born March 21, 1888
David R. Bratcher was born April 25, 1889
Wesley T. Bratcher was born Sept. 5, 1890
Andrew (?) J. Bratcher was born Feb. 28, 1892
Luly Bratcher was born Aug 3, 1894
Sarah E. Bratcher was born June 23, 1896
Joseph B. Bratcher was born June 16, 18979
Tommie H. Bratcher was born July 30, 1899
Floyd B. Bratcher was born July 29, 1902
Chasteen H. Bratcher was born Sept 26, 1903
Wadie (Wardie) O. Bratcher was born July 3, 1905
Berry Bratcher was born July the 12, 1868
Fridda A. Bratcher was born February 8, 1871
Henry s. Gonterman and Sarah E. Bratcher was married the 7th of March 1877
Lydia Bratcher was born July the 28, 1851
James W. Bratcher was born Oct. the 15th, 1853
Mary E. Bratcher was born Oct. the 29, 1855
Sarah E. Bratcher was born June the 25, 1858
David R. Bratcher was born March the 6, 1861
Eliza I. Bratcher was born August the 17, 1864
Sarah F. Bratcher was born Oct. 30, 1883, the only child of D. R. Bratcher
James W. Bratcher and Ann S. Gonterman was married Feb. the 6th, 1876
John Berry Bratcher was born Nov. 30, 1876
Sarah Ann Wilson Gonterman was born Dec. the 19, 1877
Berry Bratcher was born Oct. 28, 1827
Sarah Sanders was born Sept 5 or 15, 1828
Berry Bratcher and Sarah Sanders was married May the 23, 1850*
William H. Allen this January the 2, 1874
Berry Bratcher and Sary Bratcher was married May the 23. 1850
Berry Bratcher was born Oct. 38, 1827*
Sarah Bratcher was born Sep the 15th, 1828 *
Lidda Bratcher was born July 28, 1851

[*These notations were repeated in original Bible but omitted here to save space]

(The following appears to be different handwriting and older ink)

James W. Bratcher was born the 15 of Oct. 1853
Henry Cottrell
(oldest looking writing)
Mary E. Bratcher was born Oct. 24, 1835
Sarah E. Bratcher was born June 25th 1858
James Sanders and his wife was married January the 1, 1821
SallySaunders was born the 15 of September
James Sanders was born June the first 183_(?) and was marred January the 18, 1827
Sally Sanders was born September the 15, 1828
PollySaunders was born Febury the 13, 1831
James Sanders was borne June the 1, 183_ and was drowned in Mississippi river; he was on the BrandyWine boat and it was set on fire

Lolly (?) ____? was born February the 27, 1831 or 7
Henry Cottrell was born July the 3 day 1814

(note: The names which are repeated above were also repeatedly written in the Bible)

Eliza Ann Brown was born June 30, 1876
Alfred Brown was born June 9, 1878
Mary E. Brown was born Dec. 29, 1880
John and Jennie Brown was born March the 10, 1886
Willie Brown was born 28 April 1897
Roberts Brown was born 14 July 1900

Mary Mittie Jaggers was born June 26, 1880
Effie Jaggers was born December 4, 1883
Estella Jaggers was born 26 April 1886
Oscar Jaggers was born 16 January 1889
Elmer Jaggers was born 6 February 1891
May Jaggers was born 13 February 1893
Willie Brown was born 28 April 1897

John Berry Bratcher was born 30 November 1876
Meda Bratcher was born 6 June 1877
Lee Bratcher was born 22 November 1898
Vernon Bratcher was born 5 January 1900
Sibyl Bratcher was born 26 June 1902
Dean Bratcher was born 1909 - October 25

Taken from pages copied from a farmers almanac at the house of Mrs. Lee Bratcher (Roberta Brown), Horse Cave, Ky., April 1968, by Janet Burger

Marie Bratcher was born October 12, 1920
Herbert Bratcher was born March 23, 1923
Ezra Bratcher was born 5 November 1924
Lee, Jr. was born 10 September 1926
Barbara Roe Bratcher was born 28 Jan 1935


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1 Kentucky Genealogist, Vol 10, Number 4, pgs 125-127