Vincent Bradsher Bible Record
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The fourteen children of Moses and Martha Banks, Bradsher, copied from his son's, Vincent Bradsher's Bible.
Abner Bradsher September 2, 1778
Betty Bradsher October 10, 1780
Jesse Bradsher October 3, 1782
John Bradsher June 30, 1784
Nancy Bradsher April 9, 1786
James Oliver Bradsher February 16, 1788
Richard I. Bradsher December 17, 1789
Mary Bradsher December 5, 1791
Eunice Bradsher October 30, 1793
Vincent Bradsher October 23, 1795
Matilda Patsy Bradsher
Naometh O'Neal Bradsher September 17, 1799
Frances Bradsher October 17, 1801
Moses Bradsher January 14, 1804


Note: A typed copy of this information was found in the Ann Whitfield file at the NC-VA Piedmont Genealogical Society, in the Danville, VA Public Library.  There is no indication to the location of this bible nor if this is all of the information in the bible.