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Charles Town
Arthur Bradshaw 1772: David Smith vs. Arthur Bradshaw

Thomas Bradshaw

1711-1712: Harris, Christopher vs. Thomas Bradshaw, Judgment Roll 4, 0151 002 003A 00219 00
Thomas Bradsher 1714: Bradsher, Thomas vs. James Browne, Judgment Roll 4, 0151 002 007A 00742 00
Greenville County
William Bratcher (Bracher) 6/8/1798-1/7/1799: BRATCHER (BRACHER) WILLIAM, late of County, labourer, Hog Stealing.  Ruben Harrison found a sow, his property, in possession of William Bracher and believe Bracher took his sow.  Sarah (X) Bracher for Will. Bracher on Bail Bond. (Greenville County Sessions Court Case Rolls, 1792-1799) 5, pp. 197-198
Spartanburgh County
William Bratcher 3/17/1788: A Lease and Release from William Bratcher to Nathaniel Wooten proved by James Smith & Samuel Ward.  Ordered to be recorded. 1, pg. 62
William Bratcher 6/17/1788: Ordered that William Bratcher be appointed & ordered in place of John Bearden; the road leading from Blackstocks ford on Tyger River to the Cross Roads opposite Widow Smith's. 1, pg. 72
William Bracher 9/16/1788: Mary Williams Exors. James Williams against William Bracher. Petition. Nonsuit. 1, pg. 75
William Bracher 9/17/1788: Abram Gray, James Crowther, Brittain Williford, William Clayton & William Bracher, Gentlemen Arbitrators, their award returned to our next Court, shall be a judgment thereof. 1, pg. 78
William Bratcher 12/16/1788: Edward Smith against Peter Brooks. Slander. This suit being heretofore refered to the arbitrament of Edward Beeks Musgrove, Abram Gay, James Crowther, Brittain Williford, William Clayton & William Bratcher, Gentlemen, arbitrators; hath now awarded that this suit Discontinue at each party's paying their own costs. 1, pg. 84
William Bracher 9/23/1789: The State against John Roebuck & John Chumler.  Indictment for Petty Larceny.  The defendants came into court and acknowledged themselves to owe to the State 20 each and William Bracher and Joseph Power as their Sureties, acknowledged to owe to the State 10 each provided the said defendants shall not personally appear at next Court, and abide by the Judgment thereof on said Indictment. 1, pg. 105
William Bratcher 3/18/1790: William Bratcher against Baylis Earle Esq. Exr. of Hampton. Debt Continued untill next court. 1, pg. 129
William Bracher 6/28/1790: The Court proceeded to Draw the Petit Jurors for next Court, to wit.
1. Henry Aires
2. Spencer Bobo Junr.
3. Thomas Roberts
4. Robert Milikin
5. George Hughey
6. William Floyd
7. John Pennington
8. Nathan Langford
9. Samson Trammall
10. Henry Morgan, Jr.
11. Newton Bramblett
12. James Buice
13. Thomas Prewitt
14. Richard Prior
15. Benjamine Clarke
16. Peter Smith
17. James McDowell
18. William Haden, Sr.
19. Joseph Warren
20. Thomas White
21. William Wilkins
22. William Moore
23. William Taylor
24. William Bracher
25. John Brown
26. Thomas Bennett
27. Joseph Cavin
28. David Brewton
29. Jesse Reams
30. Oba. Wingo
1, pg. 135
William Bratcher 9/22/1790: William Bratcher against Baylis Earle Esq. Exr. of Edward Hampton. Debt. Nonsuit 1, pg. 140
William Bratcher 9/22/1790: William Bratcher against Baylis Earle Esq. Executor of Edward Hampton. Trover. Nonsuit. 1, pg. 140
William Brachter 9/22/1790: Thomas Blasingame as a witness in the case of William Brachter against Baylis Earle Esq. Exr. of Edward Hampton Deceased, on oath in open Court is allowed 1 s12 d6 for 13 days attendance. 1, pg. 141
William Bratcher 1/12/1792: The County Treasurer against Nathaniel Wooten & William Bratcher. Petition. Debt. On motion of William Shaw, Esq. the Defendant came into Court and confessed Judgment for 10 proc. money & costs of suit. 1, pg. 159
William Bratcher 1/12/1792: William Bratcher against Burrel Thomson.  Petition by Account. 1, pg. 159
William Bratcher 4/11/1792: A Deed of Gift from William Bratcher to Selah Barnett proven in open Court by the Evidence of James Lanford & Joseph Burnett according to Law, Ordered to record. 1, pg. 277
William Bratcher 7/10/1816: Pp. 91-93: L.W. & T. of John Grist of Spartanburg County; rec 10 July 1816; to son John Grist tract on Dutchmans Creek, purchased of Bennett Daffron; to son William Grist; tract on Cain Creek, purchased of James Grant; to son Thomas Grist and Benjamin Grist tract on Dutchmans Creek, purchased of Wm. Bratcher; if my mother should not make enough to support John Grist and Wm. is find her support; to wife Rachel that tract whereon I now live; sons Thomas and Benjamin Grist, when they come of age; to Lusa (Susa?) Grist and Fanny Grist; my three true and lawful sons John Grist, Daniel McHam and William Grist, Exrs. 19 Jan 1816; John Grist (LS). Wit: Wm. Pool, Wm. Varner, Drury Parham.  Proven by Drury Parham & Henry Varner 5 July 1816. W. Lancaster Ord. Sptg. Dist. 2, pg. 116
Union County
William Bratcher 8/25/1777: Lease and Release, John Wofford and Mary his wife, to Isom Clayton, all of Union Co, for 10 Sh. and 250 pds current money of SC, 300 acs. on Sugar Creek, waters of Fairforest, bound by Peter Renfrow, James McKoy, Jas Betterton, and vacant land, entire tract granted to John Wofford 17 Feb 1773 by Gov. of SC, tract was now in actual possession of Isom Clayton. wit: Ralph Smith, Isaac Bogan, William Bratcher, who attested by oath 10 Aug 1790 bef. Thos. Brandon, J.C., Rec. 28 Sep 1790. 3, pg. 552
William Bratcher 6/2/1791: The State of So. Carolina vs. William Bratcher &al.} Indictment The Court Ordered a Noleprosique to be entered in this case. 2, pg. 295
James Bradshaw 02/11/1826: Bradshaw, James vs. Henry L. Lestargette, Judgment roll 4, B1AE 002 1826 0304A 00
James Bradshaw 02/10/1827: Bradshaw, James vs. James Geddes, Judgment roll 4, B1AE 002 1827 0156A 00
James Bradshaw 06/08/1827: Halsall, John Eberly to James Bradshaw, Bill of sale for a slave named Sarah with her children, Barberry, Rosanna, William and Sally 4, 0002 001 005G 00025 00
James Bradshaw 07/06/1827: Ladson, James H., Trustee of Mrs. H. C. Chiffelle to James Bradshaw, Bill of Sale for a mulatto slave named Owen, about 16 years old 4, 0002 001 005G 00038 00
James Bradshaw 06/21/1828: Bradshaw, James vs. Peter T. Marchant, Judgment roll 4, B1AE 002 1828 0216A 00
James Bradshaw 07/02/1828: Bradshaw, James vs. Jeremiah Dickenson, Judgment roll 4, B1AE 002 1828 0093A 00
John Brackin Brackin, John and James Lea of Caswell County, NC to Peter Borch, Bill of sale for a slave named Dinah and her male childe 4, 0002 001 004D 00216 00
Williamsburgh County
James and Viner Bradshaw Deed Book B, 43: 02/27/1806, Samuel Frierson ..."in contemplation of removing with my family into the western country and at my departure I give to the children of James Bradshaw and Viner his wife a red cow and a red heiffer, profits from said stock to be kept at interest for the schooling of the children".  Wit: William Lifrage Sr. and Isaac Barrineau jr. were also named as trustees. 6, pg. 6
Silas Bradshaw Deed Book B, 204: 01/16/1817, Abraham Connor for the kind love and affection I have for Mary Smith, I give her all my property, 7 cows and a feather bed.  Wit: Silas Bradshaw and Arthur Browder.  Joseph Holding, JP. 6, pg. 22
Silas Bradshaw Deed Book B, 221: 03/18/1817, Nancy Berry for the love and affection of my son Patrick Browder all my goods and chattels, 1 bed, 2 cows, 2 sows, and a 2-year old steer.  Wit: John Scott and Silas Bradshaw.  Joseph Holding, JP. 6, pg 23
Samuel Bradshaw Deed Book B, 62: 11/30/1809, Personally appeared before me Samuel Bradshaw and James Browne, who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, deposeth that they were personally acquainted with the mother of Abraham Connor who did live at the time they knew her in Jones County, N. C. who they believe to be a free born white woman and they know to their certain knowledge that she always passed as such. 6, pgs. 8-9


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