Field Bradshaw Deed 1747
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This Indenture made the Sixteenth day of April in the Year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and forty seven Between Field Bradfhaw of the County of Gooch Land of the one part and Field Robinson of the same County of the other part Wittnefseth that the said Field Bradfhaw for and in consideration of the Sum of One hundred pounds Curt. Money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Field Robinson at and before the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents ye Receipt ~ hereof he doth hereby acknowledge Hath given granted Bargained Sold Aliened Enfscoffed and Confirmed and by these present doth give grant Bargain Sell Alien Enfscoff and Confirm unto the said Field Robinson and to his heirs and afsigns forever One certain Tract or parcel of Land lying and being in the County of Goochland on the South side of James River and on Deep Creek and being the Plantation whereon John Robinson Junr Youft to Dwell and adjoyning the lines of Sam.l Nuchkholds William Tabor and William Bradfhaw Containing by Efstimation two hundred Acres of Land be the same more or Lefs together with all Howses out Houses Orchards & Gardens Fenced waters & water Courses ways woods underwoods profets Commodities advantages and other Appurtenances whatsoever to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining To have and to hold the aforesaid two hundred Acres of Land be the same more or lefs together with the afore receited premises and every part and parcel thereof with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said Field Robenson his heirs and afsigns for Ever to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Field Robenson and of his Heirs and afsigns for Ever and the aforesaid Field Bradfhaw for himself his heirs Executors and Adminifrators doth Covenant and agree to and with the said Field Robenson his Heirs and afsigns that he the said Field Bradfhaw and his heirs the above mentioned Sold Land and premises with their and every one of their Appurtenances unto him the said Field Robenson his Heirs and afsigns against him the said Field Bradshaw his Heirs Executors and against all other persons whatsoever shall and will Warrant and forever by these presents Defend  In Witnefs whereof the said Field Bradfhaw hereunto sett his hand and Seal the Day and Year first afore Written
Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of
William Johns Anne Johns Mary  X  May

Field Bradfhaw    Seal

          Memorandum that on the Sixteenth Day of Aprill in the Year of our Lord one Thousand seven hundred and forty seven Quiett and peaceable pofsefsion and Seizen of the Lands and Tenements within mentioned was had and taken by the within named Field Bradfshaw in proper person and by him was delivered unto the within named Field Robenson according to the form and Effect of the within written Deed
In presence of
William Johns Anne Johns Mary X May

Field Bradfhaw        Seal

          Aprill ye.16.1747.  then Received of Field Robenson the Sum of one Hundred pounds Curr.t money being full for the consideration Money in the within Deed mentioned I say received by me                      L100..0.
William Johns  Anne Johns

Field Bradfhaw

           At a Court held for Goochland County May 19.1747.  Field Bradfhaw acknowledged his Deed with the Livery of Seizin and Receipt endorsed to be his Acts and Deeds and they were Ordered to be Recorded

Source: Deed Book 5, Pages 253-255, Goochland County Courthouse Records, Goochland, VA