Field Robinson Deed 1743
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To all to whom these presents shall come I Field Bradshaw of the County of Cumberland Son and Heir of William Bradshaw late of the said County Deceased send Greeting Know ye that I the said Field Bradshaw for and in Consideration of the Love good will and Affection which I have and do bear towards my Brother in Law Field Robinson of the same County have given granted and Confirmed and by these presents do give grant and Confirm unto the said Field Robinson his heirs and Afsigns one certain tract or percil of Land lying and being in the parish of Southam in the County of Goochland on the branches of Deep Creek Containing One hundred and seventy Acres being part of Eight hundred Acres Granted by Patent to my Father William Bradshaw Deceased bearing Date the twentieth day of December MDCCXLV and being thus Bounded Viz. Beginning at pointers on the sout side of a branch and running thence on Josiah Bradshaw West Seventy Eight poles to pointers thence on Willam Tabor the same Course Continued two hundred and seven poles to pointers near the west side of a run South Ninety six poles to pointers thence a new line on John Bradshaw East Two hundred Eighty seven poles to pointers thence on my Line North Ninety six poles to the first Station To Have and to hold the said Tract of Land and premises with all and Singular the priviledges and appurtenances there unto belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said to the only proper Use of Behoof of him the siad Field Robinson his Heir and Afsigns Field Robinson his heirs Afsigns forever and that the said Field Bradshow will forever Warrant and Defend the said Land and premises with the Appurtenances unto him the said Field Robinson his heirs and Afsigns without any manner of Condition as I have freely Abfolutely and of my own accord set and put in further Testimony In Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal this Tenth day of July in the year of our Lord MDCCXLVIII Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of us

R. Walton
John Dixon

Wm (his mark) Bradshaw

Field Bradshaw (SS)

Memorandum That on the tenth day of July MDCCXLVIII Quiet and peacable pofsefsion and Seizen of the Lands and premises within mentioned to be granted with the appurtenances was given made and done by me Field Bradshaw unto the within named Field Robinson according to the Tenor form and Effect of the within written Deed.  In presence of

Ro Walton
John Dixon
Wm (his mark) Bradshaw

Field Bradshaw

At a Court held for Cumberland County July 24th 1749 This Indenture & memorandum of Livery of Seisin were acknowledged by Field Bradshaw one of the parties thereto and are ordered to be Recorded


Test Geo: Nicholas Ct Clerk