William Bradshaw Deed 1761
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This Indenture made this 15th day of October 1761 Between John Talbot of the County of Bedford of the one Part and William Bradshaw of the County of Cumberland of the other Part Witnesseth that the said Talbot for and in Consideration of the sum of Sixty pound the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge hath Bargained and Sold and By these presents doth hereby acknowledge doth Bargain & Sold unto the said Bradshaw his Heirs and Assigns one Certain tract or Parcel of Land Lying and being in the County of Bedford on the south side of Stanton River Containing four hundred Acres be the same more or Lying and Bounded as followeth, to wit, Beginning at a Poplar and red oak on the River Running thence New Lines South fifty Degrees West Crossing a Branch & Road three Hundred and twenty eight Poles to a Red Oak North sixty Degrees West Crossing the road one Hundred and Six Poles to a Red Oak and White Oak West one Hundred and twenty two Poles to two red oak Saplins North sixty Poles to a Hicory North seventy eight Degrees three hundred and forty six Poles to Pointers North fifteen Degrees West Crossing two Branches one Hundred and forty eight Poles to a White Oak South eighty Degrees West Seventy six Poles to a Red oak. North thirty one Degrees West twenty Poles to a Chestnut North thirty eight Degrees East one Hundred and Sixty six Poles to a Beach on the River Thence down the River as it Meanders to the first Station. Together with the Priviledges & appurtenances To have and to Hold the said Land & Premises unto the said William Bradshaw his Heirs and Assigns forever and the said Talbot doth Covenant & agree to and with the said Bradshaw his Heirs and Assigns that he the said Talbot & his Heirs the said Land and Premises unto the said William Bradshaw his Heirs and Assigns shall and will warrant & forever Defend. In Witness whereof the said Talbot hath here unto set his Hand and Seal the day and year above Written. John Talbot

Sealed and Delivered in Presence of Isham Talbot, Robert Foster, Henry Edson }

Memorandum that on the day and year within Written Livery of Seisen of the within Land was made done and Delivered by the within John Talbot to the within William Bradshaw according to Tenor and Effect of the within Deed. John Talbot

In Presence of Isham Talbot, Robert Foster, Henry Eidson.

At a Court held for Bedford County January 26th, 1762

This Indenture & Memorandum of Livery of Seisen hereon Indorsed were acknowledged by John Talbot Parties thereto & Ordered to be Recorded Teste Benjamin Howard CBC