William Bratcher Deed 1773
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This Indenture made the 24th Day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Seventy three Between William Bradshaw of Bedford County and Alexander Farguson of the Same County. Witnesseth that the said William Bradshaw for and in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred and fifteen pounds Current money of Virginia to him in hand paid the Receit whereof they do hereby Acknowledge him the said William Bradshaw hath Granted Bargained Sold Enscoffed and Confirmed and by the presents Bargain Sell and Confirm unto the Said Alexander Farguson and Assigns forever, One hundred and Seventy Acres of Land Lying and Being in the County of Bedford on Gills Creek Begining at a hickory a Corner of Poteats line thence South Forty five Degrees West Ninety two poles to a White Oak thence North Seven Degrees East Two hundred and Sixty Eight poles to a White Oak thence East Ninety Six poles to pointers thence South Twenty five and a half Degrees West to the first Station. Together with all houses Edifices Orchards Yards Gardens and all other profits and Improvements of what Nature or kind soever unto him the Said Alexander Farguson his heirs and Assigns forever, and to the only Use and Behoof of him the Said Alexander Farguson and his heirs and Assigns forever as an Estate of Fee Simple and the aforesaid William Bradshaw doth for himself his Heirs and Assigns further agree to and with him the said Alexander Farguson his heirs and assigns that hie will Warrant and forever Defend the Aforesaid Land and Premises from himself his heirs and Assigns and from all other persons whatsoever Claiming any Right and Title to the Said Land and Premisses.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my Seal the Day and Year first above Written

John Bradsher, Jonathon Cundiff, Peter Holland, Anthony Apperson Gross Scruggs, Ben Greer }

William Bratcher

Memorandum that on the Peaceable and Quiet Possession of the within mentioned Land and Premises was had and Taken with Liver and Seision of the Same by the within mentioned William Bradshaw and by him Delivered unto the said Alexander Farguson unto the only use and Behoof of him the Aforesaid Alexander Farguson his heirs and assigns forever according to the True Intent and Meaning of the with Written Deed

Gross Scruggs, Peter Holland, Ben Greer }

William Bratcher

At a Court held for Bedford County May 24th 1773

This Indenture and Memorandum of Liver of Seision thereon Indorsed were proved by the Oaths of Gross Scruggs Benjamin Greer and Peter Holland. Witness thereto Subscribed and Ordered to be Recorded.


                                         Robert Alexander CC