Ann Bradshaw Grant 1658
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To all & Whereas & now Know ye That I the said Sir William Berkeley Knight, Governor & give and grant unto James Cloughton and Ann Bradshaw Five hundred Acres of Land in Patowmack Freshes on the Southward side of the first Creek above Pascataway Beginning at amarked Pehikory & extending by a swamp West Three hundred and twenty poles, south Two hundred & fifty poles, East three hundred and twenty poles and finally North up the River to the first mentioned Course.  The said Land being formerly granted to the said James Claughton by Patent dated the fifth of June One thousand Six hundred and fifty eight and the Moiety or half part thereof afsigned by him to the said Ann Bradshaw  &  To Have and To Hold & To be Held & Yielding and paying & provided & Dated the twenty eighth of June One thousand, Six hundred and Sixty four