Henry Bradshaw Grant 1662
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To all Whereas Now Know Ye that I the said Sir William Berkeley Knight Governor give and grant unto Henry Bradshaw Two hundred fifty five Acres fifty nine chains and four Decimal parts of Land Beginning at a corner poplar on the East side of the main branch of Poetan Swamp and in Sir William Berkelies line thence along the said line East One hundred and Eleven Chains two parts to a Corner red oak, thence North twenty chains five parts to a Corner White oak thence East One hundred and Eleven Chains two Parts to a Corner red oak, thence South West Six Chains to a Corner red oak in CW Effords line, thence along the same West South West One fourth South one hundred and Ninety two Chains four parts to a Corner Hickory, thence South South East, One fourth East-Seventy two Chains to a Corner White oak, thence West south West fifteen Chains to a forked Corner Gum near hofspole swamp thence down the same One hundred and thirteen Chains to the place where it Began.  The faid Land being do to the said Bradshaw by Purchase from Thomas Kirke To Have and to Hold To be Held yielding and paying provided.  Dated the twelfth of March One thousand six hundred and sixty two.