Arkansas Land Records
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Name Description Source
Allen Bratcher 7/2/1860: acquired 80 acres in Lawrence County. 1, Doc. 8260
Amos J Bratcher 1/11/1892: acquired 80 acres in Lawrence County. 1, Doc. 6457
Amos S Bratcher 6/1/1860: acquired 40 acres in Washington County. 1, Doc. 11579
John Bratcher 10/8/1892: acquired 160 acres in Conway County. 1, Doc. 5947
John D Bratcher 7/15/1889: acquired 160 acres in Fulton County. 1, Doc. 5469
Joseph Bratcher 6/30/1885: acquired 40 acres in Lawrence County. 1, Doc. 4124
Joshua Bratcher 5/3/1858: acquired 40 acres in Benton County: the name of Thomas Cavness also appears in the record. 1, Doc. 8538


Source No.


1 Bureau of Land Management Records