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Name Description Source
Andrew Bratcher and Elizabeth Bratcher 4/23/1852:  William E. Fountain sold 15 head of cattle for 5 dollars to Andrew Bratcher for the sole use and benefit of  his minor daughter Elizabeth Bratcher 2
John J. Bratcher 5/4/1863: John J. Bratcher sold 40 acres in Wakulla County to Mary J. Sanders 2
Mary Ann Bratcher 9/27/1845: Benjamin Baker of Irwin County, Georgia gave a certain portion of stock cattle to Mary Ann Bratcher as guardian for the orphans of James H. Crane 2
Willis Bratcher 10/2/1854: acquired 79.59 acres in Wakulla County. 1, Doc. 11955
Willis Bratcher 1/22/1855:  Willis Bratcher and Sarah his wife sold 79 and 59/100 acres in Wakulla County to John Q. Adams 2
Willis Bratcher 12/8/1857:  Willis Bratcher conveyed certain livestock to Abijah Hall in lieu of payment of a promissory note for two hundred and fifty dollars dated 12/1/1857. 2


Source No.


1 Bureau of Land Management Records
2 State Archives, Tallahassee, Florida