Isle of Wight County, VA Land Records
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Name Description Source
Benjamin Bradshaw 21 Mar 1745:  William Jones and wife, Elizabeth Jones to Joseph Jones... 150 acres in Nottoway Parish adjoining said Joseph Jones.  Robert Monger and Benjamin Bradshaw (being part of a patent granted Edward Jones on 16 Jun 1714).  Signed:  William Jones.  Wit:  Arthur Boon, John Pitman, Samson Pitman.  Rec: 8 May 1746. 5, pg. 97
Benjamin Bradshaw 20 Jul 1745:  John Beal, Yeoman, and wife, Patience Beal, to James Fowler, Yeoman.... 100 acres in the lower parish on the north side of Beaver Dam Swamp adjoining Joseph Vick, William Edmonds and John May (being part of a patent for 366 acres granted to William May on 16 Apr 1683 who left this part to his daughter, Patience May, the now wife of John Beal).  Signed: John Beal, Patience (X) Beal.  Wit:  William Eley, Benjamin (X) Bradshaw, William Powell.  Rec: 22 Jul 1745 5, pg. 87
Benjamin Bradshaw Deed Book 13, pg. 377, 2 Mar 1776: Benjamin Bradshaw appears as a witness to sale of 50 acres at Beaverdam Swamp adjoining Roberts Swamp from James Fowler and wife Hannah Fowler and his mother of Newport Parish to Joseph Duck 2, pg. 149
Benjamin Bradshaw Deed Book 14, pg. 16, 20 May 1778: Benjamin Bradshaw appears as a witness to sale of 400 acres on Kinsale Swamp adjoining John Daughtry to Nathan Carr 2, pg. 161
James Bradshaw Land Office Grants No. 19, p. 696:  16 October 1789.:  Grantee, Solomon Edmonds.  Location: Isle of Wight County.  Description: 260 acres adjoining the land of James Bradshaw, John Carr, his own and the Black Water River. 6
Jonas Bradshaw Deed Book 13, pg. 296, 28 Feb1775: Jonas Bradshaw appears as a witness to sale of 230 acres from Thomas Camp of Gloucester County to Thomas Copher, Jr. of Isle of Wight 2, pg. 145

Jonas Bradshaw

Land Office Grants No. 51, p. 438:  30 July 1803:  Grantee:  Johnson Corbet:  Location: Isle of Wight County.  Description: 87 1/2 acres beg.g &c. in Jonas Bradshaw's line, running &c. between Robert Beals heirs and said land.


Joseph Bradshaw 18 Mar 1744:  Francis Little of Surry County to Israel Joyner of Isle of Wight... 100 acres adjoining William Joiner and Francis Denson (being part of a patent for 400 acres granted to James Mercer on 16 Jan 1714).  Signed:  Francis (X) Little.  Wit:  Giles Smelly, Joseph Bradshaw and James Boon.  Rec: 22 Apr 1745 5, pg. 83

Joseph Bradsheire, grantee.

Land Office Patents No. 22, p. 167:  30 August 1744:  Location: Isle of Wight County.  Description: 80 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp. Beg.g &c. on the north side of the north prong of Black Creek, a corner of Robert Monger, Junr.


Joseph Bradshaw 17 Apr 1746:  Thomas Tarlton of Nottoway Parish to James Kitching of the same... 175 acres in Nottoway Parish at Cabbin Swamp adjoining the Miry Branch and Joseph Bradshaw.  Signed:  Thomas (X) Tarlton, Mary (X) Tarlton.  Wit:  Robert Johnson, Joseph Bradshaw, William Harris.  Rec: 12 Jun 1746. 5, pg. 98
Joseph Bradshaw and Thomas Bradshaw 9 Jun 1748: Joseph Bradshaw to Thomas Bradshaw... 60 acres in Nottoway Parish adjoining James Kitching (being part of a patent granted to Barnaby McKenny for 670 acres on 16 Jun 1714).  Signed:  Joseph (X) Bradshaw.  Wit:  Joseph Jones, Samson Pitman, Thomas Draper.  Rec: 9 Jun 1748 5, pg 118
Joseph Bradshaw and Benjamin Bradshaw 13 Apr 1749:  Joseph Jones of Isle of Wight to John Wellings of York County... 850 acres (less a 40 foot square graveyard) in Nottoway Parish adjoining Robert Williams, Elizabeth Jones, Robert Johnson, the Miry Branch, the Round Hill Swamp, William Davis, Robert Monger, Benjamin Bradshaw and Joseph Bradshaw.  Signed:  Joseph Jones.  Wit:  Robert Williams, John Williams, Daniel Jamb, Charles Powars, Richard (X) Worrill.  Rec:  11 May 1749 5, pg. 124
Joseph Bradshaw and Thomas Bradshaw 8 Jan 1757:  Christopher Reynolds of Nottoway Parish to Robert Carr of the same... 100 acres on the north side of the main Blackwater Swamp (being part of a patent for 1311 acres granted to Hugh Campbell on 21 Apr 1695 and was willed in Nansemond County by Hugh Campbell, deed., to Richard Reynolds) adjoining Robert Carr's other land bought from Gilstrap Williams and land of William Fowler.  Signed: Christopher Reynolds.  Wit:  Arthur Smith, Daniel (X) Doyle, Thomas (X) Bradshaw, Joseph (X) Bradshaw.  Rec: 14 Jan 1747 5, pg 114
Joseph Bradshaw 10 Nov 1747:  Joseph Bradshaw to Joseph Nash... 40 acres in Nottoway Parish adjoining said Bradshaw's other land and Benjamin Bradshaw (being part of a patent granted Joseph Bradshaw on 30 Aug 1744).  Signed:  Joseph (X) Bradshaw.  Wit: George Washington, Joshua Wombwell, Joseph Jones.  Rec: 12 Nov 1747 5, pg. 112
Richard Bradshaw Deed Book ?, pg. 444, 4 Nov 1756: Richard Bradshaw appears as witness to sale of 100 acres adjoining Blackwater and Dumplin Island Branch from George Morrell and Benjamin Morrell of Edgcomb County, North Carolina to Michael Brewer of Isle of Wight 2, pg. 40
Richard Bradshaw Deed Book 12, pg. 41, 1 Aug 1766: Richard Wooten to Benjamin Darden.... 150 acres adjoining Thomas Mann, Richard Bradshaw and John Darden 2, pg. 95
Richard Bradshaw Deed Book 12, pg. 396, 4 Feb 1771: John Carr of Bute County in North Carolina to Richard Bradshaw of Newport Parish in Isle of Wight... 225 acres in Newport Parish adjoining Griffin, James Fowler, Edward Gatling, Moses Daughtry, William Carr and John Lawrence. 2, pg 120
Richard Bradshaw Deed Book 12, pg. 403, 3 Dec 1770: Joshua Corbett and wife, Patience Corbett, of Newport Parish to William Rose of the same ... 100 acres in Newport Parish adjoining Dumplin Island Branch, Richard Bradshaw, Nile Brewer and Blackwater Swamp. 2, pg. 121
Richard Bradshaw Deed Book 12, pg. 415, 28 Jan 1771 ... Moses Daughtry and wife, Charity Daughtry of Newport Parish to John Owing of the same.... 100 acres in Newport Parish adjoining Richard Bradshaw, William Carr and Edward Gatling. 2, pg. 122
Vincent Bradshaw Indenture 8 March 1655, between Margaret Upton and Francis Slaughter of Isle of Wight about land that Col. Upton sold to Capt. John Batt, for 4500 lbs. tbco. and cask sells to Francis Slaughter 850 acres at head of branch of Warrisquicke River, now known as Newton Haven, which branch doth abut upon Pagan Point Creek, due said Upton by pat. 23 Sept. 1637 and lately in tenure of Capt. John English, Mr. Richard Izard, John King, Lawrence Ward, Giles Lawrence, Thomas Pool and Vincent Bradshaw.  Whereas there was a former imperfect grant to said Slaughter dated 5 July 1655, now the right shall be sold to Slaughter.  Teste, John Billingsly, John English. 3, pg. 523
Widow Bradshaw 20 Nov 1719: Theophilus Joyner and wife, Henrietta Joyner to Thomas Uzzell... 100 acres on Viny Neck Branch adjoining the Widow Bradshaw and the Cypress Swamp.  Signed: Theophilus (X) Joyner.  Rec: 26 Oct 1719 4, pg. 144
William Bradshaw 5 Apr 1668: Wm. Ruffin sells to Thomas Pope land that was pat'd to Ruffin and Robert Coleman -900 acres- of which 450 adj. William Boddie and John Gardiner.  5 Apr 1668. Tristam Knowles, Will Bradshaw. 3, pg 557
William Bradshaw 17 Jan 1671: Tristram Knowles sells Wm. Bradshaw 100 acres 17 Jan 1671. Robt. Ruffin, Francis (X) Hobson 3, pg. 565
William Bradshaw 6 Apr 1677: Edmond Palmer and wife sell a tract of land bounded by line of William Boddie on one side and Anthony Matthews on the other to Edward Barringdale.  11 Aug. 1673.  On back of this was endorsed - for val. consideration Edward Webb and wife Hannah sell all right in this conveyance to John Williams, planter. 6 Apr. 1677.  Wm. Bradshaw, Isaack Williams 3, pg. 575
William and Elizabeth Bradshaw 22 May 1679:  Tristram Knowles, planter sells to John Bromfield 50 acres land on Cypress Swamp, 22 May 1679, formerly belonged to Thos. and Eliz. Godwyn and sold to John Knowles.  Wm Bradshaw, Eliz. Bradshaw, Geo. Williamson. 3, pg. 582
Will Bradshaw 23 Sep 1689: John Duke and his mother, Elizabeth Mercer, to John Burnett, Shoemaker, for 3000 pounds tobacco.... 50 acres (being land "my father, John Duke, decd., bought from Jeremiah Rutter (?) of Chuckatucke in Nansemond County "being out a patent of 300 acres between John Goseling and John Duke, Sr. sold said John Burnett).  Wit: Will Bradshaw and Richard (X) Ealle.  Signed: John (X) Duke, Elizabeth (X) Mercer, Bridgett (X) Duke 4, pg. 35
William Bradshaw 10 Dec 1694: Nicholas Askew and wife, Sarah Askew, to John Askew... 170 acres of land.  Wit: William Bradshaw, John Luten and Francis (X) Segrave.  Signed: Nicholas Askew, Sarah (X) Askew 4, pg. 49
William and Elizabeth Bradshaw 6 Aug 1695:  John Luther and wife Mary sell Richard Beale 20 acres being part of the plantation that Ambrose Bennett by will gave Luther's wife Mary, extending from Luthers plantation to Giles Drivers, to path between Bennetts and Richard Reynold's old plantation where Robert Driver now lives.  6 Aug 1695.  Will Bradshaw, Eliza Bradshaw, Theopilius Joyner.  Deposition of Benj. Beale, Sr. being 62 years of age and his wife 60-say that land on other side of branch between Jno. Luther and Richard Reynolds, that no one ever paid rent or was possessed of same by Ambrose Bennett. June 7, 1690 3, pg. 622-623
William Bradshaw 30 Mar 1696: James Bagnall sells Will. West, Sr., 30 acres which was from Mr. Robert Braswells, from mill to James Tullaughs, etc. Tristram Norsworthy, Will Bradshaw
{James Bagnal and William West...30 acres (being formerly Mr. Robert Braswell's) adjoining said West and James Tullagh.  Wit: Bema Bealle, Sr., Tristrum Norsworthy and William Bradshaw.  Signed James Bagnal, Mary (X) Bagnal
3, pg. 627
4, pg. 56
William Bradshaw 24 Sep 1696: Land laid out between William Greene and James Bagnal by: Richard Reynolds, William Bradshaw, Thomas (X) Joyner, Thomas (X) Pope, John (X) Purnell, Benjamin (X) Bealle, George (X) Wright, Thomas (X) Wright, Richard Wilkison, Jr., John Clarke, Walter (X) Walters.
George Williamson, Surveryor
4, pg. 57
William Bradshaw 21 Apr 1711:  Bridgeman Joyner and wife, Anne Joyner, of Newport Parish to William Bradshaw of the same.... 300 acres (being land granted said Joyner on 16 Apr 1683) adjoining Hodges Councell and Thomas Man.  Wit: John Brasseur, Jr., William Mayo and John Joyner.  Signed: Bridgeman (X) Joyner, Anne (X) Joyner.  Rec: 23 Apr 1711 4, pg. 113
William Brachaw 6 Nov 1716: Bridgman Joyner and wife, Ann Joyner, to William Brachaw (Bradshaw?)... 150 acres on the main Blackwater and bounded by William Mayo, said Joyner and Hodges Council (being land "I purchased of my Brother Thomas Joyner on 15 Dec 1699").  Signed: Bridgeman (X) Joyner, Ann (X) Joyner.  Rec: 26 Nov 1716 4, pg. 127
William Bradshaw 6 Nov 1733: John Smith and wife, Catherine Smith, to Thomas Green.... 420 acres on the Blackwater Branches in the lower parish adjoining Bridgman Joyner, Thomas Man, James Bryant, Richard Booth, Gyles Lynscott and William Mayo (being a patent granted John Summerall on 5 Apr 1687).  Signed: John (X) Smith, Catherine (X) Smith.  Wit:  Benjamin Westray, William Bradshaw and James Everard.  Rec: 27 Nov 1733 5, pg. 42
William Bradshaw 27 Oct 1734: Joshua Whitney and wife, Martha Whitney, of Virginia to James Ewart, Merchant of North Brittain.... 200 acres below Walls Bridge and bounded by Thomas Uzzell, land bought of William Bradshaw and the Cypress Swamp (being land said Whitney bought from Theophilous Joyner).  Signed:  Joshua Whitney.  Wit: Joseph Ridley, Thomas Smith and Edward (X) Bell (?).  Rec: 20 Oct 1734 5, pg. 46
William Bradshaw Deed Book 5, pg. 212, 22 Feb 1737: William Bradshaw appears as witness to sale of 200 on the south side of Blackwater swamp from William Briant of North Carolina to John Joyner of IW 1, pg. 31
William Bradshaw 28 Feb 1742: William May and wife, Martha Mayo, to George Murill, Jr. for Love and Affection... 100 acres on Blackwater adjoining Dumpling Island Branch and William Bradshaw.  Signed: William (X) Mayo, Martha (X) Mayo.  Wit: Thomas Woodley, John Gay and Ratliff (X) Boon.  Rec: 28 Feb 1742 5, pg. 63


Source No.


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