Northumberland, VA Land Records
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Name Description Source
Ann Bradshaw 6 Jun 1661: Memorandum, I James Claughton within menconed the day & yeare abovemenconed assigne & sett over unto Anne Bradshaw, Daughter of Robert Bradshaw, late of Mattaponii in the County of Northumberland deceased Two hundred & fifty acres of land being the one moyety or halfe of Five hundred acres pts. specified, as Witness my hand.  Witness:  Wm. Price, Robert Sech.  Signed: James Claughton.  6th June 1661.  This Assignement was acknowledged in Northumberland County Court by James Claughton & recorded with ye Pattent 3, pg. 83
Ann Bradshaw 28 Jun 1664: JAMES CLAUGHTON & ANN BRADSHAW, 500 acs. in Patomeck freshes on Swd. side of the first Cr. above Pascataway. 28 June 1664, p. 287, (245).  Formerly granted to sd. Claughton, 5 June 1658 & the moyety or halfe part thereof assigned by him to the sd. Ann Bradshaw. 1, pg. 487
John & Robert Bradshaw 28 Jan 1656: MR. RICHARD RICE, 400 acs. Northumberland Co., 28 Jan 1656, p. 76 (111). On S.W. side of Mattapony Riv., N. Ely, upon land of Robert Bradshaw & John Bradshaw, N. Wly on land of Laurence Dameron & a branch of Broad Cr. & S. Ely. above the head of land of Mr. Thomas Broughton. Trans. of 8 pers: ................Renewed in name of James Johnson, to whom it was assigned, 18 Mar. 1662. 1, pg. 341
John & Temperance Bradshaw 20 Jul 1660: EDWARD WILLIAMS & wife TEMPERANCE unto WILLIAM FISHER, 1 acre part of 345 acres in the name of JOHN BRADSHAWE in Norhumberland County.  Date: 17th of January 1656.  Recorded:  20th July 1660.  Signed:  Ed. Williams, Temp. Williams.  Wit:  () Carpenter, Tho. Broughton 2, pg. 57 - 58
Robert Bradshaw 18 Oct 1651: ROBT. BRADSHAW, 400 acs. Northumberland Co., 18 Oct. 1651, p. 341.  Abutting N.E. upon Mattapony Riv., & S. E. upon land of John Bennett.  Trans. of 8 pers: Nicolas Brown, his wife, Kath. Browne, Robt. Pierce, Elizabeth Sanders, Ellinor Matthews, Richd. Steven, Richd. Sharpe 1, pg. 220
Robert Bradshaw 8 Mar. 165_: ROBERT BRADSHAW, 345 acs. Northumberland Co., 8 Mar. 165_ p. 253. Incomplete. Abutting upon Mattapony, tanx Yeocomico Riv., & his own land.  Incomplete. Trans. of 7 pers. ?  1, pg. 287
Robert Bradshaw & James Claughton 27 Feb 1655:  RICHARD RICE & THOMAS WALKER, Northumberland Co., W. side of Mattopanye Creeke, bounding Thos. Broughton, Beaver dams that part Tho. Sheppards land, westerlie to the swamp.  Signed Robert Bradshawe, Ann Bradshaw, James Claughton, Jone Claughton,  Wit. John Trussell, John Contanceau, Henr: Vincent 5, pg. 49
Robert Bradshaw & Temperance Bradshaw 22 Oct 1655:  Robert Bradshaw of Mattapony, Northumberland County agrees to deliver to Temperance Bradshaw "where she now liveth" and also agrees to pay 1/2 of debts incurred in name of Jno Bradshaw and Robt Bradshaw from 1640 to 1653.  RB 14, 82 2, pg. 52
Robert Bradshaw 20 Jan 1657:  Edward Williams,  I doe hereby for a valuable consideracon in hand received grant unto Edward Williams 500 acres & Robert Bradshawe & James Claughton 600 acres; both which Pattents beare date the 15th of July; and I doe warrant for me my heires & assignes unto Edward Williams his heires & assignes the sd. Land to be cleare from all People and all former Pattents & claimes, alsoe to deliver an exact Survey of the sd Land to the sd Williams & to acknowledge this in Court with the first convenience to all which premises I binde me my heires or assignes;  Witness my hand & seale this 20th day of January 1657
Sealed & delivered in the presence of us
      Jno. Temple.  Anthony Linton his marke       John Wood
20th January 1657.  This Sale of Land was acknowledged in Court by the sd. Jno. Wood unto Edward Williams & c. and is recorded
2, pg. 118
Robert Bradshaw 15 Jul 1657: EDWARD WILLIAMS, 500 acs. Ely. upon Petomeck freshes above Puscatoway, Sly. upon land of Robert Bradshaw & James Cloughton. 15 July 1657, p. 115, (171). Trans. of 10 pers:? 1, pg. 351
Robert Bradshawe 4 Oct 1658: GEORG BERRY, 600 acs. in Patomeck freshes above Pascataway, 4 Oct. 1658, p. 221, (319).  Granted unto Robert Bradshawe & James Claughton, 15 July 1657 & by them & their wives assigned unto Edward Williams, 14 Nov. 1657 & due sd. Berry. 1, pg. 358
Robert Bradshawe Nov 1658: THO. BROUGHTON of Mattapony to SAMLL. MAN & ROBT. KEMPE, land in Northumberland County, bounding Robert Bradshawe, E - Broad Creeke, N - Wm. Bacon, W - Thomas Broughton  Date: Nov 1658, Signed: Thomas Broughton, Wit: William Willdey 2, pg. 22
Robert Bradshaw & Anne Bradshaw 20 Jul 1660: ROBERT BRADSHAW & ANN his wife & JAMES CLAUGHTON & JONE his wife to THOMAS SHEPHEARD & ROSE his wife, land in Northumberland County, adjoining two swamps or bays near the place abovementioned live abutting a branch of Mattapony River.  Date: ?, Signed: Robert Bradshaw, Ann Bradshaw, James Claughton, Joan Claughton Recorded: 20 Jul 1660 3, pg. 61
Robert Bradshawe 21 Jul 1660: JAMES CLAUGHTON,  345 acres, Northumberland County, N.E. - Matopany River, N - bank Yeocomocoe River, N.W. - Laurence Dameron, S.E. - Robert  Bradshawe, S.W. - the Maine Woods.  Granted to Robert Bradshawe, 20 Nov 1657, sold to Edward Williams, 20 July 1660 2, pg. 60
Robert Bradshaw 24 Aug 1661:  JAMES JOHNSON & ANN his wife to JAMES CLAUGHTON, 200 acs. being half of the grant to Robert Bradshaw dated 18 Oct 1651.  Wit:  Daniell Roberts, Thos. Harding, Henry Lintons.  Signed:  James Johnson, Anne Johnson 3, pg. 90
Robert Bradshaw (Bradshall) 18 Mar 1662: JAMES CLAUGHTON (Clayton), 345 acs. N'umberland Co., 18 Mar. 1662, p. 312, (293). N.E. on Mattapony Riv., Nly. upon Tanx Yeocomico Riv. N.W. upon land of Law. Dameron, S.E. upon land of Robt. Bradshaw (or Bradshall).  Granted to Robert Bradshall 29 Nov. 1657 & sold to Edw. Williams, who sold to sd. Clayton. 1, pg. 495
Robert Bradshaw 7 Oct 1670: MISTRESS ANN WRIGHT, daughter of Mr. Richard Wright, 1100 acs; in Potomack freshes above Puscatua adj. Mr. John Ashton; 7 Oct 1670. p. 319.  Granted to Robert Bradshaw & James Claughton & deserted; 500 acs. granted to Edward Williams, & deserted; & granted to Coll. Nicholas Spencer & Mr. Richard Wright by patt. & order of the Gen'l Ct. dated 28 Sept 1661, recorded 6 Sept. 1665; & now intirely due sd. Spencer as survivor; and by him out of his love and affection given to sd. Mistris Ann as by conveyance recorded &c., 6 Sept. 1665. 1, pg. 82


Source No.


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