John Bradcher/Bradshaw Plat
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Mar 16th 1775

Survey'd for John Bradshaw 140 Acres of Land on Stanton River in Bedford County.  Beginning at a pine on the N. Side of the River N42W 144 poles to a wh o N70W 90 poles to a pine S55W 44 poles to a pine N50W 68 poles to a pine N30W 80 poles to a pine S80W 34 poles to Pointer in Weaver line along his lines S136W poles to Co. pine S5E 94 poles to Co pine S60W 60 poles to his Co. Red oak off S35E 24 poles to white oak S60E 80 poles to pine S30E 26 poles to Gum S40W 20 poles to Ro on the River down S50E 112 poles to his old Co pine - along his lines down the River as it meanders to the Beginning

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