French and Indian War
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"A Register of the Persons who have been either killed, wounded or taken prisoner by the Enemy in Augusta County, as also of such as have made their Escape"
Persons Location Status
Six children of Jacob Peters South Branch prisoner, 1 escaped


Wm. Bradshaw and son Craig's Creek prisoner

May 14

And. Arnold Jackson River killed
Henry Lawless Jackson River killed

May 16

John Moor Cowpasture killed
Mrs. Moor and 5 children Cowpasture prisoner
George Neece and 2 sons South Branch prisoner
? Shudie South Branch killed
Henry Lawrence South Branch killed
Michael Freeze and wife South Branch killed


Market Tallet Jackson River killed
a servant man Jackson River prisoner
James Allen Jackson River wounded
Swobe Jackson river wounded

July 25th

Robert Renick Forks of James River killed
Thomas Moor Forks of James River killed
Mrs. Renick and 7 children Forks of James River prisoner
John Crawford, Jr. Craig's Creek killed
John Alex. Crawford Craig's Creek killed
James Stuart Cowpasture killed
James Stuart, Jr. Cowpasture prisoner
James McClung and 2 children named Cantwell Cowpasture prisoner


James McFerrin Catowba killed
Wm. McFerrin Catowba prisoner

November 3

3 Dutch people Brooks Gap 2 prisoners, 1 killed
Source: 1, pg. 511: note - part of the Preston Papers held by the State Historical Society of Wisconson


Virginia -- 14 September 1758 pay schedule by act of the House of Burgesses for the French and Indian War
Augusta County
James Bradshaw 1.0.0

Source: unknown


Source No.


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