Ephraim Bratcher: Rev War Records
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Ephraim Bratcher Rev Mil: Folder 805.1: 07/31/1795: Death Certificate of Ephraim Bratcher 2
Ephraim Bratcher The heirs of Ephraim Bratcher, who served for 84 months in the Continental Line received, received a land grant on October 12, 1795 of 640 acres within the limits of the lands deeded to Duncan Stuart, esqr. 1, pg. 309

Ephraim Bratcher Order of Survey 2
Ephraim Bradshaw Survey 2
Isaac Bratcher Mary Bracher sold her rights in the Military Land Grant to Charles Stewart (this item was found in the Military Folder of Ephraim Bratcher) 2


Source No.


1 Roster of Soldiers From North Carolina in the American Revolution; With An Appendix Containing A Collection Of Miscellaneous Records; Daughters of the American Revolution; Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1967
8 State Archives of North Carolina, Raleigh, North Carolina