John Bratcher: Survey Order
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STATE of NORTH CAROLINA                                         No. 1126

The Honorable  J A M E S  G L A S G O W , Efquire,  Secretary of State,



                                                  To Colonel Martin Armstrong, Greeting.

YOU are hereby required to lay off and furvey for The Heirs of John Bratcher Private 

In the line of this ftate  Six hundred and forty


acres of land, within the limits of the lands referved by law for the officers and foldiers of the continental line of this ftate :  obferving the directions of the acts of Affembly in fuch cafe made and provided.  Two juft and fair plans, with a certificate to each annexed, you are to tranfmit to my office, within the time limited by law.    Given under my hand, at

NewBern this 25 day ofOctober 1784.

W.Williams DSec