William Bradshaw Indent 1786
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No. 75


} 18 July 1786

William Bradshaw

for Provisions & Forage for Public use in 1779


Eighteen Shillings & one Penny Sterling
     no Vouchers



The State of So Caolina to Lieut Wm Bradshaw for expenses on a march to Philadelphia and Savannah both
7-29 1779 To forarge
   26 . . .        To Dinner & Corn
   27. . .         To Corn

   28. . .         To Provisions for
                    ourselves & Horses

   29. . .         To provision for selves
                             & horses

   30. . .         To Corn

P S  



   26.. 0..0   
   8.. 2..6    
102.. 7..6       

Ninety Six
                         Personally appeard L
t Will m  Bradshaw and made Oath that he expend the above sum for the use of the men under his Command by Orders of Coll. John Thomas & that he has never rec d any satisfaction for the sum sworn to before me  This 27th May 1782

 Henry White J P     

      102.7.6    a  /6/      6.6.6    on 18/1


   S O U T H - C A R O L I N A,

PURSUANT  to  an  ACT  of  the  GENERAL  ASSEMBLY paffed the 16th of March, 1783,  We, the COMMISSIONERS of the TREASURY, have this Day delivered to
        Mr. William Bradshaw
this our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, for the Sum of
 Eighteen Shillings and one penny Sterling for Provisions & Forage for Public Use in 1779 as per Account pafsed by the Commifsioners

the faid
William Bradshaw
his Executors, Adminifrators, or Affigns, will be entitled to receive from this Office the Sum of
 One Shilling and three pence
on the  
one Year's Intereft on the principal Sum of
Eighteen  Shillings and one penny
and the like Intereft annually.

The faid 
William Bradshaw                              his Executors, Adminifrators or Affigns, will be entitled alfo to receive, and fhall be paid, if demanded, the principal Sum of
 Eighteen Shillings and one penny
on the
Twenty fourth of January 1788
And the faid 
William Bradshaw
his Executors, Adminifrators or Affigns may make any Purchafes at any Public Sales of Confifcated Property, (except fuch as fhall be ordered by the Legiflature for Special Purpofes;) and this INDENT fhall be received in Payment.

  For the true Performance of the feveral Payments in Manner above-mentioned, the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of the STATE pledged by the aforefaid ACT.


GIVEN under our hands at the TREASURY OFFICE, in
Twenty fourth                                  
Day of
January                                          One Thoufand
Seven Hundred and Eighty

J Waring    

of the        

    0..18..1   Principal.
    0.. 1..3    Annual Interst.