William Bradshaw Indent 1783
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      S O U T H - C A R O L I N A.

PURSUANT  to  an  ACT  of  the  GENARAL  ASSEMBLY paffed the 12th of March, 1783,  We, the COMMISSIONERS of the TREASURY, have this Day delivered to
        Serjeant William Bradshaw
this our INDENTED CERTIFICATE, for the Sum of
 One Hundred and Twenty Pounds Nineteen Shillings and Eight Pence being the Amount of Pay Balance of Bounty and Extra Allowance agreeable to a Certificate of James McCall Audr General dated 1st September 1784.
      The faid
Serjeant William Bradshaw

his Executors, Adminifrators, or Affigns, will be entitled to receive the above Sum on the                                               Day of
                                           with Intereft at the Rate of Seven per
Centum per Annum from The First Day of April One thousand and seven hundred and eighty three
   For the true Performance of the feveral Payments in Manner above-mentioned, the PUBLIC TREASURY is made liable, and the FAITH of the STATE pledged by the aforefaid ACT.


GIVEN under our hands at the TREASURY-OFFICE.
Second    Day of August  One thoufand feven
hundred and ninety

J Waring    

of the        

    112..19..8       Principal.
       7..18..2     Annual Intereft.

Book B.