1799 Isle of Wight, VA Tax List
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List of Taxable Property within the District of Mills Eby Commifsioner in the County of Ifle of Wight for the Year 1799
Date of Receiving List from Individuals Persons Names  Chargable with Tax Number of Whites  above 16 Number of Black Males above16 Blacks above 12 and under 16 Horses, Mares, Colts & Mules Coaches Charriots & post chase  other riding 4 wheel carriages Riding Carriages with two wheels Stud Horses Rate per Season Amount of Individuals Tax
May 23 Benjamin Bradshaw 1 1   2           68
May 23


William Bradshaw 1     1           12
Augt 10 Jonathon Bradshaw 1                  
Augt 10 Jeremiah Bradshaw 1                  
Augt 10 Richard Bradshaw 1                  
Nov 28 Frank Bradshaw   1   1           56