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Name Description Source
Arthur Bratchey Box 10, Pack 203: ARTHUR BRATCHEY, Estate Administered 1783 by Margaret Bratchey, Jno. Hall bound to Jno. Thomas Ord. 96 Dist. sum 2,000 lbs. Expend: July 25, 1784 Recd of Margaret Bracher 1 lb. 17 and 6 pense. Feb. 21, 1784 Recd. of Margaret Bradshaw $1.00 2
Betsey Bratcher in will of Charles Avary Recorded in Will Book B, Page 79, Apartment 1, File 9 (Presumably Greenville, SC Courthouse) 4
Henry Bradshaw 13 Oct 1771, Henry Bradshaw, his mark, "Saludy Fewman." Sons: eldest John, Henry and James; William and Peter, all my estate, executors.  Dated : 13 Oct 1771, Recorded: No date, Probate: No date 6, pg. 179
Sarah Bratcher in will of James McIlroy Box 64, Pack 1529: JAMES MCILROY; Will dated Sept. 22, 1780 in 96 Dist. Proved May 3, 1783.  Exrs: Wife, Dinah McIlroy, Archer Smith, Wit: Thos. Davis, Jno. Pearson, Wife, Dinah McIlroy, Chn: Rachel, Frances Blassingham, Abigal Beardin, Mary Rentfro, Sarah Bratcher, Comfort Cleaton, Esther Bogan, Jas., Wm., Archibald McIlroy. 2, pg. 216
Samuel Bradshaw Will Book A, Page 224: 09/10/1815: Samuel Bradshaw of Williamsburgh District left his estate of the use of his wife Amelia during her life and then to his three sons Silus, Asa and Moses.  Recorded 05/28/1819.   5
Samuel Bratcher in will of James Pollard 12. Nov. 1793, Sale of estate of James Pollard, deceased. Purchasers: James Creswell, James R. Mason, Samuel Bratcher, Richard Pollard, William Pollard, James Caldwell, John Perry, Robert Pollard, David Caldwell, Jonathan Childs, John Robertson, William Mason, Nicholas Vaughn, Peter Smith, Wilson Sanders, Richard Hatter, Daniel Duprey, Robert Stewart, James Childs, William Stone, James Pinney, Hiram Smith, Robert Jason, David Gaines, John Jones, Benjamin Allen, James Cook, John Pulliam, Peter Hitt, Benjamin Rowe, Benjamin Cason, John Watts, Richard M. Owen, Drury Sims, Benjamin Hatter, John Dendy, Sale continued to 22 January 1794. Purchasers: Richard Pollard, john Grigsby, William Pollard, William Sims, Joseph Bonner, Daniel Hitt, John Roberson, Henry Smith, John Carter, Benjamin Peterson, James Creswell, Daniel Wood. 3
Samuel Bratcher in will of William Satterwhite Box 19, Pkg. 1. 1806: WILLIAM SATTERWHITE; Bartlette Satterwhite, Jr.; [A.B., 3 Feb 1806, $500.00;Bartlette Satterwhite, Jr., John Dyson, James Insco.; ][W.A.; 3 Feb 1806;John Satterwhite, Sr., John Satterwhite, Jr., Thomas Farrow, John Davidson.][Order of Sale; 14 Feb 1806; On premises of John Satterwhite, Sr., on 8 Mar.; App.; 7 Feb 1806; saddle, bridle, books, clothes, bed.; Sale; 8 Mar 1806; John Satterwhite, B. Satterwhite, Sam. Farrow, Drury Satterwhite][Accounts Due deceased for schooling: Robert Gilliam, Wm. Caldwell, John Satterwhite, James Syth, Jane Towls, Daniel Towls, L.B. Harris, Wm. Turner, Job Colven, Francis Pettepool, John Turner, Thomas Farrow, Jesse Deas, Sam. Bratcher, John Butler, James Caldwell, mary Pitts, Richard Brooks, John Glove, Elenor Moore, Harris Gilliam, Jos. Goodman, John Davidson.[Note due from Thomas Farrow and Robert Porterfield.][Paid by Estate: Sam. Lindsey, OND; 1806; E. Brenan, Direct Tax; 1806.] 1
Samuel Bratcher in will of Robert Wallace Box 102 Pack 2505; 02/13/1840; Estate sale of Robert Wallace. Samuel Bratcher listed as buyer 7, pgs. 308-309
Samuel Bratcher in will of Jesse Mattox Box 139, Pack 3925: JESSE MATTOX; Est. admnr. Sept. 16, 1854 by Wm. W. Mattox, John Mauldin, G.M. Mattison bound to Wm. Hill Ord. Abbeville, Dist. sum $1,000,000.  Wm. Mattox was a bro. to Jesse Mattox.  Sett. made Mar. 5, 1856.  Present: G.M. Mattison who represents the admnr., W.W. Mattox, Saml. Bratcher a distributee in right of his wife Mary, Wm. Holmes gdn. of the minor chn. Henry Mattox decd. 7 distributees:  Mother, Basil Mattox, Wm. Maddox admnr., Saml. Bratcher and his wife, Jabez Richey and wife Fanney, Chn. of Robt. Mattox, Chn. of Henry Mattox. 2, pgs. 541-542
William Bradshaw Will dated Dec. 12, 1842 in 96 Abbeville District:  Wife: Elizabeth Bradshaw, Son: Henry Bradshaw, Grandchildren: William and Elizabeth Pearson, Caroline Bradshaw the only child of Jas. and Lucinda, John Pearson, the illegitimate daughter of John Bradshaw Dec'd and Sarah Pearson.  Exr: Henry Bradshaw and Dr. L. Yarbrough 5
William Bratcher in will of George Thomson Box 92, Pack 2278: GEORGE THOMSON; Est. admnr. Aug. 11, 1783 by Lucy, Burwell Thomson, Jechonias Langston, Thos. Williams unto John Thomas Jr. Ord. 96 Dist. sum 2,000 lbs.  Inv. made by Saml. Lemaster, Moses Spann, Jechonias Langston.  Sale, Nov. 12, 1783.  Byrs:  Lucy, Burrel, Saml., Fanney, Geo., Selah, Stephen, Balam Thompson, Moses Spann, Wm. Bratcher. (Name written Thompson also.) 2, pg. 321


Source No.


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