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Thomas Brajur

Monday, Jan 4, 1808

Sheriff to Pay unto Charles Creel ance. of Thos. Brajur $4.oo for four young Wolf Scalps.

2, Pg. 46
Old Mr. Bratcher

Wednesday, August 4th, 1813 Old Mr. Bratcher mentioned in court order assigning survey responsibility of road to Campbell's Ferry on the Cumberland River.

2, Pg. 384


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Bradshaw Heirs

12/3/1841: The sheriff is ordered to take Jerry, a man of color into his possession and hire him out until the first day of the next March term of the Garrard County Circuit Court.

4, Pg. 46
Bradshaw Heirs, et al

11/21/1844: The contract for the sale and purchase of Jerry is rescinded. 8/29/1846: Jerry is granted all of the rights and privileges of a free man..



Ohio County
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J A Bratcher & Margaret Bratcher 10/27/1859: Settlement of Wm W Anglea Account 3
Dr. Jas. A. Bratcher 3/6/1860: Settlement of T. J. Cox Account 3
J A Bratcher & M A Bratcher 3/22/1862: Settlement of S S Taylor Account 3
J A Bratcher, J D Bratcher & Asa Bratcher 9/21/1865: Settlement of E D Walker Account 3
John Bratcher & William Bratcher 1/20/1808: Fitzhugh and Rose vs. John Bratcher and William Bratcher 1
John Bratcher & William Bratcher 9/20/1808: Fitzhugh and Rose vs. John Bratcher and William Bratcher 1
Mary Bratcher 10/30/1860:  Settlement of Amos Morris Account 3
Mary Bratcher 10/15/1863:  Guardian Report for the heirs of William Bratcher. 3
Mary Bratcher 10/13/1864:  Guardian Report for Franklin, Enos, Martha and Caroline infant orphans of Wm. Bratcher. 3
Mary Bratcher 10/13/1864:  Settlement of Accounts of Mary Bratcher Guardian for the heirs of William Bratcher 3


Source No.


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4 Kentucky Archives, submitted by Brice Bratcher