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Ros_? Bratcher (possibly Roger) 12/14/1774: James Davis Esquire came into Court & took his Seat.  Then were the Grand Jury called and Sworn as follows: 1. James Coor Foreman, 2. Jeremiah Pritchard, 3. Henry Purse?, 4. Adam Tooly, 5. Frederick Fonville, 6. Jon Bedscot, 7. William Dixon, 8. Samuel Lawson, 9. Solomon Caton, 10. James Hancock, Jr., 11. William Tisdale, 12. Jeremiah King, 13. Peter Physioc, 14. Ros_? Bratcher, 15. William Isler who being Charged withdrew. 2, [300]
Thomas Brasher?/Bracker, Jr. 10/3/1765: motion for a Writ of Error granted the said Brasher? giving Thos. Bracker Junr. and James McDaniel Secy. in the Sum of Forty Pounds Proc. money motion for Writ of Error with drawn.

1, [219]

Thomas Bracher 7/1/1766:  The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Martin Deceased was Exhibited into Court and proved by the Oath of Thomas Bracher one of the Subscribing Evidences thereto agreeable to Law, Sarah Martin Executrix therein Named Qualified as Such.   Ordered that Mr. Secretary have Notice thereof that Letters of Testamentary Issue thereon accordingly. 1, [259]
Thomas Bradshaw The last Will and Testament of Thomas Bradshaw Deceased was duly Proved by the Oath of John Gunter One of the subscribing Witnesses thereto agreeable to Law, At the same time Mrs. (blank) Bradshaw Widow and Excutrix took the Oath by Law appointed for her Qualification. 2, [516]
Thomas Bratcher 10/9/1766:   Ordered that William Simmons an Orphan Boy Aged Thirteen Years to be Bound apprentice to Thomas Bratcher until he attain to Twenty One Years to learn the Coopers Trade. 1, [309]
Thomas Bratcher 10/10/1766:   Read the Petition of George Hays praying that he may be Admitted to the Benefit of Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors Ordered that the Creditors of the Said George be Summoned to shew Cause &c. why the said George should not be Admitted to the Benefit aforesaid.  George Hays a. Jone Jones:  Inquiry. 1. John Fonvielle Jr. 2. Timothy Clear, 3. Willo. Bartlet, 4. Rigdon Brice, 5. Charles Rew, 6. Joseph Pittman, 7. Peter Physioc, 8. Joseph Hall, 9. John McKay, 10. John Griffin, 11. Thomas Bratcher, 12. Daniel Holland.  The above Jury Impannelled and Sworn find their Verdict for Plaintiff and assess 1d. Damages and 6d. Costs 1, [312]
Thomas Bratcher 4/8/1767: John Pindar Senr. Guarn. to F. Brice Jr. a. Francis Brice: Issue. 1. Obadiah Always, 2.Robert Reynolds, 3. Joseph Loftin, 4. Thomas Bratcher, 5. Robert Wallis, 6. Frederick Acreman, 7. Samuel Roberts, 8. William Dunn, 9. Francis Dawson, 10. Joseph Rhem, 11. William Wickliffe, 12. Thomas Parsons.  The above Jury Impanelled and Sworn Plaintiff Called not appearing. Non Suit. 1, [359]
Thomas Bratcher 4/8/1767: James Davis & Thomas C. Howe Esqrs. Came into Court and took their Seats on the Bench.   Thomas Clifford Howe a. Kiah Johnson: Inquiry.  1. William Bryan, 2. Jacob Miller, 3. James Pearce, 4. Benjamin Sutton, 5. Ezekiel Adams, 6. Harris Yeomans, 7. Bazil Smith, 8. Robert Reynolds, 9. Joseph Loftin, 10. Thomas Bratcher, 11. Robert Wallis, 12. Frederick Acreman.  The above Jury Impannelled and Sworn to find for Plaintiff  15:7:6 & 6d. Costs.  Plaintiff Remits 10:8:6.   Execution to Issue for 4:19:0. 1, [361]
Thomas Bratcher 4/11/1767: Thomas McLin a. John, Joseph & Thomas Pittman:  Issue.  1. Jacob Miller, 2. Obadiah Always, 3. James Pearce, 4. Ezekiel Adams, 5. John Knox, 6. Richd. Graves, 7. Elihu Hall, 8. Joseph Loftin, 9. Thomas Rowe, 10. Thomas Bratcher, 11. Bernard Parkinson, 12. Josiah Ridgway.  The above Jury Impanneleld and Sworn find their Verdict that the Defendants did assume and assess 20 proclamation Money Damages and 6. Costs. 1, [374]
Thomas Bratcher 3/15/1771: Thomas Bratcher as next of kin to Benjamin Riggs Deceased prayed administration on said Estate which was Granted.  At the same time he Entered into Bond with James Conway and George Carpentar Securitys in the Sum of 150 and Qualified as Administrator as agreeable to Law. 1, [657]
Thomas Bratcher 9/10/1771:   John McGraw who &c. a. Thomas Kent: Issue in Debt upon the Act of Assembly for concealing Taxables. 1. Timothy Clear, 2. Michael Koonce, 3. John Smith, 4. Joseph Loftin, 5. Thomas Heath, 6. Thomas Bratcher, 7. Charles Johnston, 8. Simon Speight, 9. Frederick Hargett, 10. Solomon Vickers, 11. Silas Stevenson, 12.   Beverley Rew.  The above Jury impannelled and Sworn find their Verdict that the Defendant is Indebted in Manner and form as set forth in the Plaintiffs Declaration ans assess 6d. Damages & 6d. Costs.  Mr. Caswell on behalf of the Defendant Moved in Arrest of Judgment and filed Reasons &c. Ordered that the same lye over for Argument Next Court. 1, [679]
Thomas Bratcher 9/10/1771: Thomas Bratcher came into Court and agreed to Surrender his Right to the Service of His Apprentice William Simmons, Soloman Vickers appeared and Agreed to accept of the said Apprentice and to Comply with the Covenants made on the part of Bratcher in the Indenture aforesaid, to which the Court Consented. 1, [681]
Thomas Bratcher 9/10/1771: Simon Speight who as well for himself as the Church Wardens of Christs Church Parish for the use of the Parish who Sues in this behalf a. Philip McQuillen: Issue Debt on Act of Assembly for 20 for fire? Huntin &c. 1. Michael Koonce, 2. John Smith, 3. Joseph Loftin, 4. Thomas Heath, 5. Thomas Bratcher, 6. Charles Johnston, 7. Frederick Hargett, 8. Solomon Vickers, 9. Silas Stevenson, 10. Beverly Rew, 11. Richard Graves, 12. John Green.  The above Jury impannelled and Sworn find their Verdict that the Defendant is Indebted in manner set forth in the Plaintiffs Declaration and assess 6d. Damages and 6d. Costs. Judgment. 1, [682]
Thomas Bratcher 9/14/1775: Ordered that Thomas Roe have adminstration on the Estate of John Acreman Decd. a Minor giving Securitys Wm. Wynn & Thomas Bratcher in the sum of 500 at the same time he Qualified agreeable to Law 2, [346]


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1 Craven County, North Carolina: Court Minutes: 1764-1771, Book VI, Weynette Parks Haun, 243 Argonne Drive, Durham, N.C. 27704-1423
2 Craven County, North Carolina: Court Minutes: 1767-1778, Book VII, Weynette Parks Haun, 243 Argonne Drive, Durham, N.C. 27704-1423