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Campbell County
Benjamin Bratcher Petitioned the General Assembly of Tennessee to pass a law to allow the recording of an instrument of writing given to him by his father John BRATCHER in November 20th, 1803 in the State of Virginia a few days previous to their removal from that State to the State of Tennessee 1
John Bratcher Left certain property to his son John Bratcher of Kentucky
   Note: record submitted by Teresa Barley
6, pg. 81

Claiborne County

Charles Bratcher 9/11/1802:  Ordered that John Owens be appointed overseer of the Road from the ford of old Town Creek to Powels river, where James Gibson now lives & that the following hands be His gang - Viz. James Renfro & hands - William Norvell & hands - John Word, Jack Owens, William Owens, Walter Evans, Shadrack Caps, Duncan McFarland - Adam Sowder, George Hector, Charles Bratcher, Claiton Hodgon(?) & Jo. Austin, Benjm Owens, Isaac Owens 5, item 56 (Sept. Session 1802)
Charles Bratcher 6/11/1803: Ordered that John Owens Junor be appointed overseer of the road from the South bank of Powels river, above the Mouth of old Town creek (as laid of by a Jury for that purpose) to the Valley road to Open & clear the Same as the Law directs & that the following hands be His Gang.
(Viz) James Renfro, William Norvel & hands of William Norvel, William Sharp - John Word - Duncan McFarland - William & Matthew Owens - Capt D. Snuffer - Charles Bratcher and hands - and Josiah Cox
5, item 128 (June Session 1803)
Charles Bratcher 8/27/1808:
John Lebow
Sallathiel Martin
Justices in Court
Wm. Rogers - John Word
John Owens - John Vanbebber
John Daugherty
Whereupon came a Jury                           to wit
1 Andrew Woolum
2 Bernet Murry
3 Dudley Stephens
4 John Arwine
5 Elihah Hurst
6 Bluford Woodall
7 John Cuningham
8 Absalem Hurst
9 Harman Wynn
10 Charles Bratcher
11Thos. McGraty
12 Elain Davidson
Who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speak in the issue Joined wherein John Lebow is plaintiff and Sallathiel Martin is Defendant, on their oaths do say - that the defendant is Guilty of the trover and conversion as set forth in plaintiffs declaration and do asscess the plaintiffs damage to two hundred dollars besides costs of suit
Rule for new trial          Rule discharged
5, item 218 (August Session 1808)
Caniday Bratcher & William Bratcher
State of Tennessee
Claiborne County
May term 1812
           On motion of Nancy Parrot by attorney to have an allowance made her against William Norvell & Caniday Bratcher the Securities of William Bratcher for the supporting of a bastard child heretofore sworn by said Nancy Parrot to have been begotten on her body by the said William Bratcher
            It is considered by the court & ordered that the said Nancy Parrot be allowed one hundred and thirty dollars against William Norvel & Caniday Bratcher the said Securities of William Bratcher on thier bond to Keep Harmless safe & acquit the county of Claiborne free from all charges & troubles for or be reasoning of the Birth maintenance & bringing up the said child sworn to have been begotten by William Bratcher & for whom the said Wm. Norvell & Caniday Bratcher were Securities as aforesaid in a bond given of the 4th of March 1806 & it is considered by the court that the said Nancey Parrot do recover against the said William Norvell & Caniday Bratcher, the Said Sum of one hundred and thrity dollars & accrued costs.
5, item 30 (May Session 1812)
Charles Bratcher
State of Tennessee
Claiborne County
February Term 1813
Benjamin Owens
Charles Bratcher
John Owens
     In this cause the defendant Charles Bratcher who is alone in custody of his Goods & & being solemnly called to appear and Reply his Goods & & came not but made default - Therefore it was considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the said Charles - But because the court cannot ascertain damages let a Jury come &&
5, item 94 (Feb Session 1813)
Charles Bratcher
State of Tennessee
Claiborne County
May Term 1813
Benjamin Owens
Charles Bratcher
John Owens
This day came him the plaintiff by John Cocke his attorney and the defendants in their proper persons & saith they cannot gainsay the plaintiff here and for eighty four Dollars but acknowledges the same for the sum aforesaid & costs of suit in their behalf Expended it is therefore considered by the court that the plaintiff recover against the defendants the sum of Eighty four Dollars confessed aforesaid in form aforesaid together with his costs and about his said suit in his behalf Expended & the defendants in mercy & &
5, item 106 (May Session 1813)

Greene County

William Bratcher, Junr.

January Sec.d 1804

Hezekiah W. Balch

} T.A.B. Wm. Bratcher Junr. Pros.or
        This day came as well the Attorney for the State as the said Hez. W. Balch and the said Hezekiah because he will not contend, Saith he is Guilty in manner and form as in the indictment against him is alledged and puteth himself upon the Grace & mercy of the Court.  Thereupon is considered by the Court that he make his fine by the payment of two dollars & pay the costs of this prosecution & may be taken in execution
2, pg. 95
William Bratcher, Senr. January 28th, 1808: John Russell sues to recover 20 dollars and 60 cents recovered in a suit before Benjamin McNutt 27th of November 1807 3, pg 66
William Bratcher, Senr. & William Bratcher, Junr.
John Rufsel
William Bratcher Senr
William Bratcher Junr
} Compromised and dismifsed at the Clerks Office 9th March 1808.  The defendants afsumed the Costs
Whereupon it is considered by the Court, that the plaintiff recover against the defendants his costs by him about his suits in this behalf expended and the defendants in mercy.
3, pg 97
William Bratcher

Wednesday, 25th July 1810

John Mouck Afsignee
of John Balch who was
afsignee of William Bratcher
James Smith
} Appeal, Justices present, James allen, Jesse Mosley & Corustius Newman
This day came the parties by their Attornies and thereupon a Jury to wit   Vincent Jackson, John Bible, John Milburn, Thomas Murphy, David Kee, Aaron Hopton, Joseph Hays, Samuel Pickering, Thomas Davis, Sperling Bowman, William Cox, and William Edmondson who being elected tried and sworn the truth to speack upon the matters in controversy in this suit, Whereupon the plaintiff enters a nonsuit, and the Jury from rendering their verdict are discharged.
Rule to show cause why the non suit should be set aside
4, pg 104


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