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Addam Bradshaw 8 Apr 1674 HUGH LEE, 2000 acs., namd Aberconaway, Chas. City Co., s. side of Appamattock Riv. on N. side the 3rd br. of the Black Water; nigh Warrick Pat, &c. 8 Apr. 1674, p. 510. Trans of 40 pers.......Addam Bradshaw....... 2, pg. 146
Alice Bradshaw 7 May 1669 MR. WM. PEACH, 220 acs. Gloster Co., War Par., upon the Gr. Sw., & brs. of Ware River, 7 May 1669. p. 277. By plantation of Mr. Rigault commonly called Bradford's Quarter &c., opposite Greenwayes plantation, near Tho. Purnell's plantation, near Mr. Toliferoe's quarter, &c. 300 acs. granted to Mr. Tho. Peach, & now due sd. Wm as sonne & heire; 270 acs found within & due for trans. of 6 pers: Margarett Overdell, Sara Baxter, Robt. Greenaway, Alice Bradshaw, Eliz. Banckes, Hen. Gibbs 2, pg. 70
Anne Bradshaw 25 Apr 1702 CAPT. THO. HARNISON & JNO. SCOT (Scott), 1700 acs. , on S. side of the main Blackwater, 25 Apr. 1702, p. 460. Beg. on W. side of Acamosock Swamp; adj Tho. Chappel & Ja. Jones. Trans. of 34 pers: ..... Anne Bradshaw ...... 3, pg. 60
Bernard Bradshaw 13 Aug 1650 JOHN WATTS, Gent., 200 acs., being a neck of marsh & wood land called Ducking Pond Cr., preceeding from Mockjack bay which it bounds it on W., & on E. by a gutt dividing it from land of William Holder, and running on W. side of his mill.  13 Aug 1650, p. 223. Trans. of 4 pers: himself, Martha his wife, Bernard Bradshaw, Edward Hollowell. 1, pg. 193
Elizabeth Bradshaw 23 Dec 1714 LARKIN CHEW, 1330 acs. (N. L.) in the forke of Mattepony main Run. by lowermost falls just above a little island; on Warner's line; 23 Dec. 1714. p. 225. Imp. of 27 pers: ..... Eliza. Bradshaw ....... 3, pg. 167
Ellis Bradshaw 20 Oct 1689 WILLIAM JONES, 62 acs., Rappa Co., on S. side the river; adj. Tobas Ingram; 20 Oct 1689, p. 26. Imp. of 2 pers: Ellis Bradshaw, Richd. Davis 2, pg. 339
George Bradshaw 29 Oct 1669 MR. WM. WHITTINGTON, 3600 acs. N'ampton Co., 29 Oct 1669. p. 256. Bet. the Seaboard & 1800 acs. sold by Capt. Stone to Capt. Wm. Whittington, dec'd., his father; from the freshwater br. of Matawoms Cr. to Mountneyes Cr., including two hummocks known as Oake Island & Pond Is., & 200 acs. belonging to Wm. Satchell; 750 acs. being part of 950 acs. granted to sd. Stone 30 Jan. 1640. sold to sd. Wm. dec'd., 800 acs. granted the above 20 Oct. 1661, which was grounded on a partt. granted 11 Mar. 1653 to his father; 2050 acs. for trans. of 41 pers: ....... Geo. Bradshaw ........... 1, pg. 64
Henry Bradshall 15 Oct 1641 WALTER ASTON, Gent., 250 acs. Chas. Citty Co., p. 12. (No date.)  W. on the great river, E. on the plantation of Causeys Care (Clerare ?), S. on land of Capt Epps (in the Island) & N. on land of Robert Martyn.  Granted by court 15 Oct 1641 & also due for trans. of 5 pers:  John Bailey, John Bull, Hen. Bradshall, Eliza. Vaughan, Judith Settle (By Wm. Berkley) 1, pg. 154
Henry Bradshaw 23 May 1637 THEODORE MOYSES, 2000 acs. James Citty Co., 23 May 1637, p. 428. Upon Tanks Pasbye hayes Cr., runing 2 mi N. W. into the woods, butting on Chichahominy Riv. & bounded, E. upon land of John Mendham. Trans. of 40 pers: .....Henry Bradshaw........ 1, pg. 58
Henry Bradshaw 23 Apr 1688 HENRY ALLEY, 390 acs., Chas. City Co.,  in Bristol Par., on N. main br. of Black Water, 23 Apr 1688, p. 654. Beg. at Willm. Vaughan; to Henry Crowder, crossing Fockes' Br; to John Evans to Mr. Richd. Jones. Trans of 8 pers: Anne Collins, Avis Collings, John Besle, Roger Norris, Edwd. Richards, Tho. Charles, Henry Bradshaw; & Maria a Negro. 2, pg. 323
Humphrey Bradshaw 20 Oct. 1688 MR. THOMAS COCK, SENR., 1650 acs., Henrico Co., in Verina Par; S. side of Chickahominy maine Sw., adj. Mr. Jno Woodson; 20 Oct. 1688, p. 668. Trans. of 33 pers: ..... Humphrey Bradshaw ......... 2, pg. 326
Ja. Bradshaw 28 Oct. 1673 HENRY BATTS & MR. JNO. STURDIVANT, 3528 acs., Chas. City Co., S. side Appomatock Riv., 2nd br. of the Black Water; 28 Oct. 1673, p. 480. Trans. of 71 pers; ...... Ja. Bradshaw ....... 2, pg. 134
John Bradshaw 1654 ED. WELCH, 900 acs. at the head of Queens Cr. in Pyan.(ketank) Riv., beg. at corner tree of Rich. Crayes devdt. &c. to land of Richard Burton.  Date blank, 1654. p. 270. Trans. of 18 pers: ...........John Bradshaw........... 1, pg. 290
John Bradshew No date SAMUELL RUTLAND, 200 acs. Low. Norf. Co., p. 35, (55). No date. Up the Indian Cr. & alongst Richard Whitehursts line.  Trans. of 4 pers: Penelope Gilbert, John Bradshew, Dorothy Bright, Aug. (or Ang.) Addison. 1, pg. 332
John Bradshaw 1690 RICHARD KENNON, Henrico County Records 1677-1739, pg. 327:  Patent of 8000 acres, for importation of individuals including...John Bradshaw 5,  pg. 141-142
John Bradshaw 26 Oct 1699 MR. BENJAMIN BUCKLEY, 2570 acs. New Kent Co., in St. Peter's Par., 26 Oct 1699, p. 233. Beg. in Littlepage's line; down falling Cr; adj. Liddal, Overton, & Jenings' lines.  Trans. of 52 pers: .... John Bradshaw ...... 3, pg. 32
John Bradshaw 16 Jun 1714 CAPT. HENRY HARRISON, of Surry Co; & PHILLIP LUDWELL, ESQR. 6365 acs. (N. L.), in Surry & Is. of Wight Counties, on s. side of Nottoway Riv; beg. at mouth of the 3rd br., on S. side of Hunting Quarter Sw., dividing this & land of Mr. Benja. Harrison; by the Raccoon Sw; to cor. of Hinshea Guillam; 16 June 1714, p. 165. 40 Shill. & Imp. of 120 pers: ......................... John Bradshaw 3, pg. 150
John Bradshaw 24 Mar 1725 RICHARD WALTHALL. 400 acs. (N. L.). Henrico Co., on N. side of Appamattock Riv; beg. at Mr. Alexander Marshall, on S. side of Deep Creek of Swift Cr; on John Pride's line; 24 Mar 1725, p. 427. Imp. of 8 pers:  John Bradshaw, Robert Carver, George Rogers, John Rattley (or Battley), John Worldly, John Wright, Henry Harford, George Bolling 3, pg. 303
Margaret Bradshaw 20 Apr 1687 HONBLE. WILLIAM BYRD, Esqr., 5075 acs., Henrico Co., on S. side of James Riv; 20 Apr 1687, p. 547.  Beg. a little below John Stower's ditch; along Mr. Jno Good; over Powetan Branch; to Powhite Creek; to Reedy Cr; to the late Garryson house, including Harwood, My Lord, Price's Folly, & Willow Islands; to cor. of the Orphants of Edw. Lane; to land late belonging to William Elam; against middle of & includ. Edward's Island; 1762 acs. due by severall conveyance; 3313 acs. adjacent for trans. of 67 pers. Note; "Sixty seven Rights by Mr. Edwd. Chilton's Cert. dated the 30th of Aprill 1686 for Eighty Rts." Marginal notation: " a mistake there being noe occasion for them."  (The following names appear:) .... Margt. Bradshaw ... 2, pg 305
Mary Bractor 20 Nov 1682 MR. GEORGE GILL, 5000 acs., New Kent Co., S. side Pamunky Riv., upon brs. of Crump's Cr., 20 Nov. 1682, p. 199.  Beg. in line of Moses Davis & John Rea; &c. Trans. of 100 pers:......Mary Bractor.......... 2
Rebecca Bradshew 15 Dec 1656 JOHN BROMFIELD, 1200 acs. James City Co., near the head of Archers Hope Cr., 15 Dec. 1656, p. 55, (81). Running up deere bone Valley &c. to Tuttyes Necke, etc., unto trees dividing this from land of Mr. Richard Brewster &c. to the mouth of Weare Cr. Formerly granted unto Wm. Davis, 27 Mar. 1643, whoe marryed the relict of sd. Davis, should have a patent for the same & for trans. of 24 pers: ...............Rebecca Bradshew........ 1, pg. 336
Rebecca Bradshaw 27 Apr. 1686 THOMAS TERREY, 1000 acs., New Kent Co., on N. side of Mattopony Riv. 27 Apr. 1686, p. 497. Adj. Mr. Thomas Hall & John Pigg. Granted to William Hernden & Robert Bayly, 18 Feb. 1673/4, deserted & now granted by order &c. Trans of 20 pers: .... Rebecca Bradshaw ...... 2, pg. 296
Richard Bradshaw 1 Aug 1643 CAPT. SAMUELL MATHEWES, 4,000 acs. a neck of land on the N. side of Rappahannock River, bounded on the W. By Cassatawoman Cr.which runs E. N. E. towards head of Wiccokomocco River, on the N. by Wiccocomocco Riv., on S. by Rappa. River. & on E. with the main bay. Aug. 1, 1643, Page 882.  Trans. of fowerscore pers.: ..............Richard Bradshaw............. 1, pg. 144
Richard Bradshaw 19 Sep 1671 MR. JOHN BUCKNER, MR. ROBT. BRYAN, & MR. THO. ROYSTON, 35531/2 acs., Rappa. Co., in the freshes of sd. Riv., on the S. side; adj. land of Jno. Prosser called the Golden Vale; neare the new roade to Mr. Taliaferro, land of Moone---, over br. of a sw. running into Pewomenseen (?), &c; 19 Sept. 1671, p. 518. Trans. of 71 pers: ..... Richd. Bradshaw ...... 2, pg. 149
Robert Bradshaw 3 Jul 1640 THOMAS HARVEY, 950 acs. James City Co., July 3, 1640, p. 723. To be doubled &c. Called Harveyes Necke, W. upon land of Bridges Freeman & Mr. Francis Fowler, N. upon Georg Crace unto a path leading to James Cittie from Chickahominy.  For his per. adv. & for trans. of 18 pers: ............Robert Bradshaw.............. 1, pg. 123
Roger Bradshaw 5 Apr 1666 DAVID WILLIAMSON, 6000 acs. Accomack Co., beg. at a right line drawn from Crooked Cr., running alongst side of Col. Edmond Scarburgh's land to land of Mr. Henry Smith, bounded on W. by land of the Ratcliffs & Nicholas Layter (or Layler), S. by Mesango Cr., lands of Robert Johnson & Germon Gilliott & Ely. to lando f Jno. Stockly. 5 Apr 1666, p. 499 (611). Trans. of 120 pers: ............Roger Bradshaw............. 1, pg. 554
Roger Bradshaw 20 Apr 1682 MR. JOHN RICHARDS, 1676 acs., New Kent Co., St. Stephen's Par., 20 Apr. 1682, p. 126. Beg. at Bestland nigh head of Robins Br; on N. side of Contrary Br; along Edmond Bines; Mr. William Shirley; & Sir Grey Skipwith; up the Dragon Sw; to Col. Claibourne, &c. 900 acs. granted to George Morris & John Pigg, 24 June 1662; 776 acres newly taken & due trans. of 16 pers: ..... Roger Bradshaw ..... 2, pg. 229
Roger Bradshaw 2 Nov 1705 HARRY BEVERLEY, 1920 acs., Essex Co; in the fork of Rappa. River, about 10 mi. above the falls; 2 Nov. 1705, p. 682.  Beg. at a beech with a flower de Luee upon it; down maine run of sd. river, to a small island &c. Imp. of 39 pers: ... Roger Bradshaw ...... 3, pg. 99
Samuell Bradshaw 3 Jan 1667 MR. JONATHAN NEWELL & MR. AMBROSE CLARE, 2500 acs., New Kent Co., S. side & in the freshes of Yorke Riv., 3 Jan. 1667, p. 95. Beg. at Mr. Francis Burnell's land, &c. Trans. of 50 pers: .... Samll. Bradshaw ..... 2, pg. 27
Thomas Bradshaw 30 Sep 1670 MR. GEORGE DURANT, 700 acs. Low. Norf. Co., on E. side of the N. River falling into Corotoke; a cr. dividing this from land of Mr. Thomas Tulies, a br. dividing this from land called Matsepunge, etc; 30 Sept 1670, p. 306. Trans. of 14 pers: Tho. Bradshaw ................. 2, pg. 78
Thomas Bradshaw 6 Aug 1671 CAPT. WM. CORKER, 1850 acs., Surry Co., on S. side the Sipres Sw. 6 Aug. 1671, p. 266. Trans. of 37 pers: ... Thos. Bradshaw ..... 2, pg. 95
Vincent Bradshaw 20 Apr 1682 WM. MURFEY, 200 acs., 20 Apr. 1682, p. 135. Betwixt Jacob Dardon & Robert Hookes, a mi. from the maine sw. of the W. br. of Nanzemond; by Francis Bridle, bet. William Smelly & old Powell; near Edward Perkins &c. Trans. of 4 pers: James Osborne, Thomas Parren, Vincent Bradshaw, Richd. Haines. 2, pg. 231
William Bradshaw 18 Apr 1648 MR. LEWIS BURWELL & THOMAS VAUSE, 2,300 acs., Apr. 18, 1648, Page 119. The lower part in Yorke Riv. about 7 mi. up the Narrow on the S. side thereof, along lands of Mr. Francis Fludd, Mr. Thomas Broughton and William Black.  Trans. of 46 pers: .........Wm. Bradshaw......... 1, pg. 171
William Bradshaw 29 Apr 1693 THOMAS VICARIES (Viccaris), 350 acs. K. & Q. Co., 29 Apr. 1693, p. 269. Beg. at a cr. of Poropotank Cr; by Mr. Richard Anderson; down Hayes' Cr: to Timothy Ellis; along John Major's line; to John Williams, & c. Imp. of 8 pers: Phillip Thomas, Wm. Sowell, James Blackly, Fra. Simpson, Joseph Topping, Chr. Pearce, Fra. Coles, Wm. Bradshaw 2, pg. 382
William Bradshaw 15 Jul 1717 JOHN RALLS, 367 acs. (N. L.) Up. Par. of Nansemond Co; on S. side of Cypress Swamp, near a place called the Banks of Italy; 15 July 1717, p. 322. 20 Shill., Imp. of 4 pers: William Bradshaw, William Cannady, Richard Hynes & John Person 3, pg. 191
John Brasherd 1654 by Christopher Regault, Gloucester Co. 4, pg. 43
Bennet  Brasseur 1653 by Robert Brasseur, Nansemond Co. 4, pg. 43
Kath. Brasseur 1653 by Robert Brasseur, Nansemond Co. 4, pg. 43
Mary Brasseur 1653 by Robert Brasseur, Nansemond Co. 4, pg. 43
Persie  Brasseur 1653 by Robert Brasseur, Nansemond Co. 4, pg. 43


Source No.


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